Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sympathetic Saturday

I made these cards a couple of weeks ago and just never got around to sharing them until now.  That's just how it works sometimes.  I will admit I nixed showing them earlier this week because well, it just didn't seem right.

I made this card CASing another a|s consultant's thank you card.  Hers was one layer without the pink but I thought it needed a little something more to it.  I suppose you wouldn't normally associate hot bubblegum pink with a sympathy card, but whoever said I was normal?
This one I made after being inspired by the above card. I really like the wild vine feel of all those sprigs I stamped.  I added in the flowers after making the vines.  I felt it needed a little something extra but didn't want to put little black pearls on it like above, so I just used a black marker to make small black dots.
I liked that card so much so I decided to make a similar one so I could use it as a sample for a|s workshops.  Except for after I made it I ended up sending to someone and I still don't have it as a sample. So stay tuned, you never know when I'll go and make a third version of this card!
The Fine Print: All products except sympathy greetings by A Muse Studio. Non-a|s stamps used-Stampin' Up and Eat Cake Graphics.  Stamps used-Mini Blooms and Big Words. Cardstock used-Sugar, Bubblegum Pink, Ocean Blue and Marigold. Inks Used-Bubblegum Pink, Fern, Marigold (new color!), Ocean, and Memento Black. Other products-Onyx pearls, butterfly trio die, and Copic multiliner pen (for the black dots).


Angie said...

Oh! All three are lovely and so delicate! I love the colors on all three! The round edges add another layer of softness!! These are beautiful!

Krisha said...

I like the hot pink one the best.

Darnell J Knauss said...

I actually love coming here once every few days. It's like going to a matinee. I grab my popcorn, a beer, and a Depends and have a ball! I've enjoyed all your posts and all your fantastic cards mixed with wit! I hope Dio is over his ear infection and I have to say Cindy has every right to be the narcissistic bitch she is. Hmmm, is that right? I know female dogs are bitches, but are female cats called that? (That was a loaded question if ever I saw one.)

Now about this post. About saving a card as a sample. Why do we do that? I do the same thing. No, I say to myself, nope, I can't send that to Aunt Connie, I love it too much and I'm hanging on to it until I get a chance to make another one just like it.

Hello?! Flick! We have blogs!! We have pictures of our cards on our blogs!!!

Really? You mean we could just refer to our blogs? Or - like some of us, cough - our Pinterest boards with all our cards in one place?! It just occurred to me reading your comments. I gave myself a big flick in the middle of my forehead, which really smarts in the hope the inspiration will be remembered.

Now when is Aunt Connie's birthday coming around again ...

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, PJ! Thanks for the laughs and the lightbulb moment! Hugs, Darnell

Janeen said...

Nothing wrong with pink for a sympathy card. I love the design of your last two. i saw one similar earlier this week and stuck it in my mind to try that one sided techniques. they are all very very nice.

Carol L said...

Pink sympathy cards are always in order for a deceased female! The blue ones are very pretty too! I love all those pretty stamped flowers!

butterfly said...

The flower stamps are great - especially that leafy one taking up half the page... gorgeous. And I love that you can make it as flowery (or not) as you like!
Alison xx

Jessi Fogan said...

The hot pink totally works on this card! Lots of white space to balance it out, and it's gorgeous! I love the blue versions too - you've got to love a design that's versatile for different occasions.