Monday, August 11, 2014

Make Up Monday

Let me throw some more cards from the Solstice kit at you today, because that's what I got.

I made these two large gatefold cards, which where kind of fun.  I'm not that into funky folds but Club Scrap loves to give them to you.  I modified the fold on the next one and chopped it down to an A2 size:
I think that is enough cards for you to ogle for one day, don't you?  I'd hate for you to over-do on a Monday.  You know it's better if you just ease into the week.

The Fine Print: Pretty much I already told you all of it.  The stuff is by Club Scrap from the Solstice kit, an oldie but a good.  Guest Columnist Dio has to to the vet today for his ears.  We'll see how that goes.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Princess Judy,

I like how the middle card is folded. I'm not into the special folds either, but these look simple enough.

Happy Monday (ugg)


Sandy said...

I quite like the gatefold cards with some element covering up part of the split down the middle, like you have in the first two cards. Hardly ever think to actually do it, but I do consider it a nice variation on a card.

Mrs A. said...

I like making gatefold cards. Love that last card with the unusual sentiment attachment. Rest assured I'm taking Monday very easy. Tuesday too. Hugs Mrs A.

Carol L said...

I haven't made a gate-fold card in forever, so maybe you've inspired me to go out of the box I'm always cooped up in?! Great cards for any day (including Mondays)

Sue said...

Fab cards Judy! huggles Sue xx

Janeen said...

fun, i love all the trendy circles. the top one is my fave.

Irish Cherokee said...

A nice trio of cards Judy. Might just try a gate fold card when my next project is finished. - Jim