Friday, August 22, 2014

Stampin' Up Stuff

I crashed a Stampin' Up workshop the other night.  Okay, I was invited because I had "the goods" to deliver and no, I'm not going to tell you what "the goods" are right now.  Maybe I'll never tell you and you'll forever wonder.... although that isn't my plan right now.
The Stampin' Up people let me play with their stuff and we made this fun card.  We even hired a professional seamstress to do the sewing.  We opted not to stamp a greeting on this card so that we could later add whatever was needed.  Those stripes are made with a stencil. The idea of stencils never really appealed to me but that was kind of fun (and easy!). Ut oh.
We also made this crazy bright card.  The funky bottom was cut with a die that we snugged around the card and then only cut part way.  It is a neat technique and now that I've actually done it maybe I'll try it again sometime.

The Fine Print: As far as I know, all the goods are by Stampin' Up. I know the "We'll be Friends" thing is from their digital downloads although there is a similar stamp.


Carol L said...

Great cards! I love the colors & tilted panels on the first. Fun stitching too! NJ on the 2nd too with all those caraaazy colors!

Krisha said...

The cards are great, and it is always fun to go to a Stampin Up gathering.

Sue said...

I LOVE the bright colored card! Lots of fun!

Leslie Hanna said...

(1) I used to host SU gatherings, but I had a No Food rule. Did you perhaps bring foodz?

(2) The different directions of the lines on that card are giving me a headache. It's cool, though.

(3) A professional seamstress? She didn't make you do your own sewing?

(4) Stencils, mmmmm. New money pit! HAHAHAHA! *ahem*

That is all.