Sunday, March 31, 2013

You are the World

I played with my current Club Scrap kit this weekend.  That is totally shocking for me I know, but roll with it.  It has so many fun stamps and embellishments.  Here are a couple of cards I made.

And by saying you are the world, I'm not saying you are fat.  Oh no!  In fact, you are looking a little peaked.  You'd better go eat some jelly beans or something.

The Fine Print: I'm not too wordy because my back hurts and I've used up all my words today telling the cats that my back hurts.  They are appropriately sympathetic.  I think.  All the good stuff in the cards by Club Scrap "Bookshelves" the March 2013 kit.  Hey, do you think my back hurts because I shampooed carpets today?!  Dang that housework anyway.  That stuff can maim!

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