Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You are the First Bidder!

I'm not much of an eBay bidder.  If there is something I want I'll search high and low for someone with a 'buy it now' option.  I figure I want it; it isn't that maybe I want it.  However, sometimes I see things that might be nice to have but aren't crucial to my well-being so I'll place a bid on them if the price is low enough.  I'll toss in a bid at the going price but not at a higher price.  I figure if I win it at that price it was meant to be.
Needless to say, I rarely win any stamp sets at their ridiculously low first bid price.  However, one time I was bored and put in several bids for sets and a few days later promptly won them all.  It was kind of exciting and a complete shock  What happened you ask?  Well, some hurricane or the other was slamming the entire east coast so I guess everyone else was too preoccupied for eBay.

I thought of this story because I perused eBay today and put in some bids on Stampin' Up sets.  We'll stay tuned to see if I win any $5 SU sets or not.  Now for a question for you--why do people post current SU sets for higher than the catalog price?  I guess because there is a sucker born every minute, but seriously, some of the listings out there you would get a better deal going right to the SU website.  Or maybe you are cheating on your SU rep and don't want her to know....  *wink*wink*

The Fine Print: All the stuff on the card above by Stampin' Up.  I didn't bid on the set that made it though.  I bid on some older ones because no one is silly enough to sell current sets for 5 bucks, and such a shame too.

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Craftychris said...

Fab card! I love the bright colours and the embossing. I have never made a successful bid on ebay - I must try harder! xx