Friday, March 1, 2013

The New Phone Books Are Here!

No, wait!  I mean the new A Muse catalogs are here!!  And by "here" I mean not really here; but live. 

Live!  Live and on-line because the print ones are not yet here, but will be here soonish, which is much better than say, later. 

Anyway enough babbling, the 2013 A Muse Studio is on-line and can be purchased from as of today.  I know I've been looking forward to it and hope you have been also.  I have a couple of "advanced notice" sets that I made some cards with.
This card is made with the new Sunset Beach set, which has this fabulous VW Beetle stamp.  I really liked it when I first saw it even though (or perhaps because) VW Bugs make me think of serial killers.  Um... you know, because Ted Bundy drove one? Yeah, that's not doing it for you?  
These next two cards are from the Go Wild set, another fun new one.  The bottom one is a take on a card from the catalog that had a similar layout.  I really like the idea of different sized circles of wild pattern print, as you can see since I used it on both cards.

The Fine Print: Top card--"Sunset Beach" set, papaya and grapefruit petite polka dot cardstock, and onyx brads.  Middle Card--"Go Wild" set, orange cardstock, and onyx and white twine.  Bottom card--"Go Wild" and "Mesh Background" sets, kraft and sugar cardstocks, onyx and white chevron ribbon.


Squirrel x said...

I'd rather think of Herbie than Bundy! All three gorgeous - love the animal print circles, pretty funky! Hugs Sxx

Queen Lightwell said...

Yah, bugs make me think of Herbie, like Squirrel x said. I don't think I even knew that about Bundy! lol Love the cards, and that Easy Tiger one would be a perfect get well card for a guy...gonna have to case it! ;) I'll totally give you credit though. :)