Thursday, March 14, 2013

Putting the Camp in Camp Fire Girls

Here are a couple more Stampin' Up cards I made.  These were not from the stamp camp I mentioned in my last post. 
That post made a friend of mine question if I truly never ever went to camp as a kid.  I not only didn't go I didn't know anyone else who did either.  She is much younger than me so perhaps that was something more akin to her generation than mine.  I was a member of Camp Fire Girls and we did an overnight stay at COSI once and that is probably as close to a kids' camp as I've been.  And if that experience was anything like camp, then thank the lord I never had to go.  I loved COSI and all its interesting exhibits.  I absolutely abhorred all the cliche-y Camp Fire girls I had to share the experience with.
So that's my camp story.  I'd love to visit COSI again, but only after teletransportation is invented because I don't like to travel. And only if I can get a written guarantee that I won't have to put up with Camp Fire girls, Brownies or Girl Scouts or any kind of grouped women period.  'Kay?

The Fine Print: And once again it is all Stampin Up stuff.  Yes I should be working with A Muse stuff but I'm not because that requires me to expend creative brain cells and those puppies are sleeping right now.


Queen Lightwell said...

lol about cliquey girls...biggest reason to hate high school, ever! :) Love the butterflies, banner, polka dot and glasses on your cards! The glasses one reminds me of the new washi tape Hobby Lobby got in this week, it's in with the Spare Parts embellishments and has those glasses on it, so cute! Yes, I had to get some. :) It came in a 3 pack with some other really cute tapes, so, ya know. I *had* to. lol :)

Krisha said...

Hi PJ, great cards, I can't decide which would be my fav. Love red, white and black together, but the glasses are so darn cute. Never belonged to girls scout anything, did go to church camp as a kid and I was a den leader for the cub scouts (many years ago when my grown boys were that age)

Craftychris said...

More fab cards, love them both - the glasses one is so quirky! I went to guide camp when I was young and hated it! My Mum had to come and get me. A beetle fell in my soup and that was it for me! I did go to Glastonbury music festival later though, I enjoyed that - I think the alcohol helped the hate of camping! xx

butterfly said...

LOVE the googly eye card - so cool! We don't "do" camp here in the UK, and I have to say, from the sound of it I'm pretty relieved (though most of my information comes from Charlie Brown, so may be a little biassed...).
Alison x