Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mystery Unveiled

Every month at my stamp club meeting those who are feeling adventurous agree to participate in a mystery item challenge.  The mystery is that you are going to be given something that you won't know what it is in advance. The challenge is then you have to make a card with it.  All those who make a card with the mystery item then put it on a display board at the next meeting and we swap the cards out amongst each other. We have a lot of fun with this swap.
Here is the card I brought to our March meeting.  The mystery item is the green bauble.  Luckily it had a flat back.  I really wanted to make a turtle with it, but as my husband pointed out that it would only work if it looked like you were looking down on the turtle and did I have a stamp like that?  The answer was no, but I will say that someone else had one and made that card!

Above is the card I received in return.  I like the oriental flare to this card and how the decorative edged scissors look like bamboo.  I also like the different and random layers and patterns.  I think it is neat when people do that.  When I do it, it tends to look like a hot mess.

The Fine Print: Top card stamp by Hero Arts.  Bottom card by Judy M.  The mystery item we have for next month is a lock of curly doll hair.  I so hope someone has a topless man stamp and they turn it into chest hair.  I may have to find such a stamp myself just to be sure someone does it.

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