Friday, March 15, 2013

Judy The Practical

I had a dream last night that three of my coworkers and I were at a retreat at some fancy, posh, hoity toity place.  The retreat ended early so one of the ladies suggested we go into the spa and get a facial. 

However, since this was a fancy pants, hoity toity place it was filled with fancy pants hoity toity people (read: snobs).  We were given this fluffy white robes to wear and equally fluffy white socks.  The people in the place both fellow patrons and employees alike were sneering at us and looking down their noses at us.  One lady even commented, "Look at the little girls playing dress up."  It was so uncomfortable.

The hunky guy with an accent who was to be our service person (what do you call the person who gives you a facial?) was terribly aghast he had to work with us low life people and insisted he take us to some room way in the back of the spa where no one would see us.  We walked and walked and walked all over this fancy place, slipping in our socks and avoiding puddles of water.  Why would such a high brow place have puddles of water all over I do not know.

At one point we pass a couple of very fashionable ladies who are discussing how the spa had a welcome special of a essentially a whole body "facial" with a sea salt bath for $600.  I was shocked at the price and wondered how much our facials were going to cost.  Finally we got to our destination and this lady checks us in.  She is surprised that my phone number is already in the system showing that I had been a customer in the past.  However, least anyone think I was worthy of being there she declared loudly, "Oh! You're that girl that works in porn!"

Um... what?  Look! I just dream this stuff I don't understand it.  So I tell her no I sell rubber stamps but she didn't want to hear it, she was just trying to belittle me.  I had been feeling incredibly comfortable but that was the icing on the cake.  I told the girls what I had been thinking the whole time, which was that we could get a facial at a much nicer place in town for much less money.  We were only paying for the atmosphere here and the atmosphere here sucked!

That's me, being practical even in my dreams.  And being down to earth.  No one would ever mistake me for being a hoity toity person.  As far as mistaking me for some girl that works in porn......

The Fine Print:  I used to work at a strip club though which pays better than working at a junior college, or it used to.  I hear from the gals still in the industry that the economy has influenced even them which shows you just how lousy the economy is.  The cards I made for my display board at the convention.  The top one because I am lacking in floral cards and the bottom one because I never used that set before and have had it for ages.   Stamps used-Charming Gardeners and Clever Girls sets, card stock used-black, sky, mermaid, orange and sugar, inks used-black, mermaid, orange, papaya, and lemon whip, other stuff-robin's eggs pearls, clear twinkle stickers, and Copic markers.


Craftychris said...

Goodness, what a dream that was! I expect you were glad to wake up! Your cards are both wonderful! Its a shame the economy is so bad, it just gets everyone doesn't it! Have a good weekend xx

Squirrel x said...

Gorgeous cards ..... you were a stripper??? Sxx

sandee said...

LOL, maybe it was the "rubber" in rubber stamps that got her confused with your career in "porn" silly girl! Beautiful cards! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Krisha said...

So I thought the "P" in PJ stood for princess.......ROTFLMAO!!Gotta love ya!
I really like the flower card, and the sentiment is perfect!!

butterfly said...

Good grief... I never remember dreams in that much detail - what a weird one... Oh - and great cards btw!
Alison x