Friday, March 8, 2013

Red Headed Step Child

So apparently nobody likes, everybody hates me, and now I have to go eat worms.  Gummi worms, of course.  It seems that no one else was thrilled with my Get Down and Dirty challenge over at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog as no one has joined in to play.  That's such a bummer. 
I even made this card as further inspiration utilizing Splash spray and torn paper as my "messy" parts.  I noticed that you can't really control messy bits such as the spray or even the tears in the paper and I realized that is probably why I don't like grungy techniques that much.  They annoy my inner control freak!

Anyway, if you feel like getting out of control and being messy, please join the challenge so I can possibly grace you with the fah-bu-lous prize of mermaid chevron paper (such a cool color!).

Speaking of red headed step children, I've never been a step child but I have been a redhead.  I was once even a fire engine red redhead.  See, apparently the hair dresser didn't quite understand what I meant when I said I wanted very obviously red hair.  I meant like my cousin, whom I suppose people would call a 'carrot top' although I never understood that moniker at the tops of carrots are these green fern like things.  Anyway I meant like an actual natural hair color not like something you'd paint your nails.  That darn red lasted forever too.  Now if I wanted a funky color like that it would wash out in 2 weeks flat.  Go figure!

The Fine Print: More A Muse Studio, because that is the name of the game over at the challenge blog (for us anyway, participants are not required to use a|s stuff).  Cardstocks used-cherry, onyx, cherry petite pinstripe; cherry chevron ribbon, heart trio die, cherry splash spray, and greeting from the Say it With Style stamp set.


butterfly said...

How churlish of nobody to join in... I'm a UK bod sadly, so I'm no good to you! Hopefully this cute card will kick'em into action.

I love the random spritz taking things out of my hands... it's good for my control freakery, I've decided, to have something I'm not in charge of!
Alison x

Krisha said...

AAAWH!PJ, that is deffinately a bummer! Your card samples are so cute ( yes I jumped to the Muse blog and looked) and I love the one on this post, the white showing from the tears really adds so pazaz to the background, and the sprays on the sentiment tie it all together.
Can any stamp image be used for the challenge, or just those from A Muse Studio? I can "grunge" with the best of 'em and just might take you up on this challenge.

Krisha said...

OK!! I'm #1 in the challenge LOL Maybe that will inspire a few more to join your challenge PJ. I think it is a great challenge, and had fun making my entry.
Keep your chin up kid-o!!!

Linda Suarez said...

I think your down and dirty card is wonderful Judy! I wish we could get more people to play too. But I do enjoy the challenges myself as it really gets me using my A Muse products. Have a great day!