Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ergonomic Toilet Seats

I went to a card workshop last night.  I signed up for it earlier in the month before my life got really crazy, but I decided to still go because sometimes it is nice to do a workshop where there are no obligations.  I didn't have to teach or prepare for it, I didn't have to buy anything afterwards either, all I had to do was be there and enjoy.  I was up to doing that.

There is a newer police substation that is mid-town and it has a lovely community room.  It is a nice size with big open spaces, lots of windows, and tables and chairs that roll easily for rearranging the room.  I've been to this room before.  Across the lobby is the restroom.  I've been there before too.  When I went previously I just perched on the edge of the toilet seat as one is want to do in a public restroom.  However, this time I was too tired and the place was immaculate so I just plunked my big butt right down square and center on the seat.
What an odd sensation my butt encountered.  The toilet seat was molded to fit my bottom just like it was made for it. I've never sat on an ergonomic toilet seat before.  I've sat on a many uncomfortable one though, that is for sure, so this was different.  Anyway, it was rather comforting if not disconcerting all at the same time.  I'm telling ya, you gotta swing by there some time and check it out.  Bring a book, sit back, and relax!

The Fine Print:  All the stuff is by Stampin' Up because why not?!


butterfly said...

Ah, civilisation has finally reached its peak... the ergonomic toilet seat!

Great cards too, btw!
Alison x

fairy thoughts said...

Well that's a first . . . a blog post about toilet seats, you crack me up. If I am ever in the area I will be sure to check it out :)