Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy Bees

Sometimes I take requests.  Well, actually I will always take them; I just may not honor them.  That is due to lack of time rather than just plain onerousness.  I was asked to create some cards with the Springtime Day set, which just happens to be one of the A Muse Studio spotlight sets this month.
When I first saw this set, which was new in last year's catalog, I was surprised at the detail in two of the three image stamps.  That was new for A Muse; new, but lots of fun.  Sometimes really detailed stamps look intimidating but once you sit down and start to color them you see that most often they aren't that bad.  Usually they have a lot of one color in them, like this card has a lot of green.  I did use several different greens to keep it realistic but it still made for easy coloring.
I hope it isn't considered cheating that I made two cards but used the same stamp.  I really like this stamp.  The set is on sale this month, so if you'd like one for your very own, visit my website here.  

Now for a quick bee story.  I was in my office at work one day being pestered by a fly that keep buzzing around me and around me.  Occasionally I take a swat at him, but he wouldn't get the hint.  Finally I managed to bat him out of the air.  The problem was he wasn't a fly; he was a bee.  I batted right onto my knee and he stung me, right through my hose.  Dang!  That wasn't very nice of him.

The Fine Print: Cardstocks used--papaya, lemon whip, petitie polka dot in grapefruit and onyx; stamps used--Sunnyside of Life; paper flowers and onyx brads.  By the way, for all the things I am allergic to, bee stings aren't one of them!  Good thing, huh?


Queen Lightwell said...

lol on your bee story, though I am very glad you aren't allergic as that could have been very bad indeed! Love the card...I'm currently on a bit of a hexagon binge which goes so well with the bee theme...and your coloring is awesome, too! Both cards are darling, thanks for sharing. :)

505whimsygirl said...

Love these cards!

So glad you aren't allergic to bees!! My allergies are kicking my butt right now - juniper. ICK.