Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Rule of Five

So the other day I came up with this brilliant plan.  I would pick five stamps for the Holiday That Shall Not Be Named and make five cards with each stamp.  When I was done I would have completed 25 cards for the Holiday That Shall Not Be Named and life would be all butterflies, sunshine and happiness.

Wasn't that a great plan?  I thought so, too.  Then I started out on this first card with its ultra-busy striped background. First I had to fuddle with this and then fuddle with that and it took me a long time to get just this one card.  Hey, but only 24 more to go, and I could make things easier on myself by picking a better background paper.  So the next card was born.  But darn it all, it had stripes too, albeit sideways ones.  I had to fuddle with it one way and then another before I felt the stripes weren't that dizzying.  But hey!  Only 23 more to go!

Next up, I thought I'd use some soothing snowflake paper.  Just because "snow" is a 4-lettered word and we try to avoid it at all costs in Southern Arizona, doesn't mean I can't craft with it (besides I'm mailing this snow to someone else!).  My original intent was to put a ribbon with a cheater bow on it, but after I adhered the ribbon strip on I felt it needed some jewels.  Yeah, well, it had the same design as the last card, but who's counting?! Wait!  I am!  23 more to go!

I love red and brown for the Holiday That Shall Not Be Named, so this red and kraft background begged to be used.  And used it was:
 Knowing I only had 21 more cards to go as part of my diabolical, but brilliant, plan, I plodded along and pulled out a green snowflake background.  Green snowflakes?!  Well, we could work with it.  With that the frist five of my Rule of Five were complete.
Then I got waylaid and realized that I didn't feel like making any more cards for the Holdiay That Shall Not Be Named.  Not right now anyway...   Stay tuned to see if I get back on track.

The Fine Print: Stamps by A Muse Studio "Christmas Carol" set, background papers by DCWV, unknown ribbon and bling, and lots of Sticklers glittler glue, but you can't tell it from a single one of these scans.

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