Friday, November 18, 2011

Embossing on Metal Challenge

Hello, My name is Poppy and I will be your guest columnist today because my mommy has a berry bad ache in her head.  She wanted to be sure to show off today's card though so that's why I'm here helping.

On Mondays she wented to the A Mews Studio Challenge Blog and saw that the latest challenge was to emboss on metal.  Well now the A Mews Studio challenge has a rule that you don't have to use A Mews stuff on it, which is nice if you are like my mom and gots no A Mews embossing plates.  In fact, if it don't require you to use A Mew stuff, then you could maybe play along too!  That's my commercial.  Anyways, my mommy didn't know what to do for the challenge.  She's been finking about it, finking about, finking about it, and finking all week long!  I bet that is why her head hurts cuz I know if I did that much finking, my head would hurt.

They suggested that peoples could use metallic paper for the challenge which is niceness because my mommy didn't wanna get out her copper sheeting and tin foils makes lots of noise and rips easy.  Mom didn't know if we should emboss on copper color or blue.  I told mom she should use blue.  I'm berry helpful like that.  We wanted to do a card with happiness and sunshine so we did seashells because those are happy.  Here is our card:
The Fine Prints: Stamps by A Mews Studio "Sea Shells" set and Smiles wood mount, punchy things by Marvy, swirly embossing things by Cuttlebugs, metallic paper by Recollections, little blue pearls by A Mews too, made by my mom, but I helped.  A lot.


judyjstamper said...

Aw, cute story Judy (I miss your stories) and Poppy did a very cute card. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Squirrel x said...

Oh you are a crazy woman but by crikey you do make a laugh! Are you out on licence? Hugs Sxx