Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree....

I have some more Rule of Five cards to share that I made this past weekend.  

I decided that I should wiki “partridge” to see what color they are, but I also knew that I didn’t care what color they were.  I already knew that I was going to make them whatever color suited my fancy, but for some reason it was important to me to know what one looked like.  Yeah, so that partridge is not a very exciting looking bird.  I think we need to re-write the song to be a peacock in a pear tree just to bring some zing to the whole thing.
So what comes first, you ask?   No, this isn’t the chicken and egg debate; this is a question about how I make my cards.  I’m often asked how I come up with the ideas and really, it depends.  For my Rule of Five cards I came up with the stamp first and then the background papers.  The background papers gave me some idea what colors to use when coloring in the stamped image.  I don’t always work this way, but that’s how these cards came into being.

I also noticed that these cards were getting really predictable in their layout so I wanted to change things up a little bit.  I pulled out some sheer ribbon for one card, turned a bow sideways for another, put a knot thing on another and skipped ribbon on one card altogether.  One card doesn’t have two shaped layers and one card has three of them. A couple cards even have a small greeting on the front.  I didn’t want to make radical changes because this is my card style and my ultimate goal is to make a mass of cards for The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named (cuz it’s a’coming!)
The Fine Print: Partridge in a Pear Tree stamp by AMuse Artstamps, small greetings by A Muse Studio, shaped punches by Marvy, scallop border punch by EK Success, papers on the first card by unknown, the rest by DCWV.

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Sheela Will said...

I'm in agreement about changing the partridge to a peacock! Let's do it!