Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rule of Five Continues On...

Surely, you don't think I gave up already?  The holiday season is still young, even if I'm not!  So yesterday, I told y'all about my brilliant (and possibly diabolical) plan where I would pick 5 different stamps and makes 5 different cards with each stamp for a total of 25 cards.  Or maybe I didn't mention the "different" part but that was part of the plan.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with duplication it just wasn't in the plan.

I broke my own rule right off the bat by being inspired by the blue snowflake background card.  I liked that it was blue, as blue seems like a great color to do with snow and sleigh riding and when I pawed through my huge box of holiday paper there seemed to be a lot of blue.  A lot of blue.  A. Lot.

On that note I decided that my next lot of 5 cards would be made with the same stamp but using different blue papers in the background. Like last time all these images are glittered but you can't tell by the scans.  I used ribbons, a snowflake punch, and some bling for these two cards.

I ditched the ribbon for the next card and used a different snowflake punch.  This card also has a dark blue background.  For all the blue I have in the holiday paper stash, very little of it is dark blue.  I was pleased how the red layer at an angle came out.  Usually when I try that, it looks off, but it worked fine here.

These last two cards have a lot of similarity.  They both have light blue backgrounds, a scalloped edged border, ribbon along the side, and are colored in a like manner. Yet for all the similarities, they have a different feel to them.

Those are my latest in my Rule of Five Quest.  I hope you enjoyed them and have been inspired to work on your own cards for The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named.

The Fine Print: Stamps by A Muse Studio "Christmas Carol" set, background papers by DCWV, snowflake punches by Martha Stewart, small scallop border done with decorative scissors (probably Fiskars), large scallop border by Fiskars border punch, miscellaneous ribbon and bling.

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Anonymous said...

love your rule of 5 idea. these are adorable