Monday, September 25, 2017

The Mail Came!

So last week brought some mail with it that I thought I'd share. I don't share things like the electric bill or the credit card statement that has the cat vet bill on it (that gray bastard needs to get a job) because I'm sure you get enough of that in your own mailbox.
The week started with a prize in the mail for participating in a card sharing event. These are wooden embellishments, not some weird woodmount stamp (what I totally thought when I opened the envelope). I probably won't get more prizes from them because they changed from share cards to share cards with specific themes. You can't tell me what to do! Okay, you can but I do enough of those specific themed things already.

Then this cool room divider looking card came in the mail. I love fall and this stands up nicely on my shelf and reminds me how cool autumn is (in other parts of the world, it's still in the 90s and greenish [you know as green as it ever gets] here).
Then this fun card came in the mail, confusing me as to what season it really was. Don't you adore that delicate flower die cut?! It looks so fiddly to play with.
Lastly, this card came in the mail and now I truly have no idea what season it is. I love the reflective surfaces on this card. The friend who sent it is finally embracing die cuts. She was a holdout for so long that I'm glad she saw the light.

The Fine Print: So if you're like me and don't want to give Picmonkey money for suddenly going to pay-per-view then check out BeFunky. It works quite fine as evidenced by these photos here. Happy mail day y'all.


Carol L said...

What a wonderful array of happy mail cards! I'd be pleased to receive any one of them, and I like those wooden embellishments too! Lucky you!

Carole said...

Yay - Happy Mail is always good news! PicMonkey ... not such good news, but thanks for the tip!

Fiki said...

your mail is nice!
have a great day

Maxine D said...
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Maxine D said...

What a wonderful selection of happy mail Princess J - pity you are now seasonally challenged :-)

Craftychris said...

What fabulous mail! xxx

butterfly said...

Happy happy mail all round - though I can understand you're confused now. Still, I'm sure the cards are weather-appropriate for somewhere in the world. It still does my head in that they have blazing sunshine in midsummer for Christmas in Australia.
Alison x