Friday, September 22, 2017

I'm Not Required to Know Everything

I'm not required to know everything and some days I think they'd prefer if I knew nothing. Anyway, I often work the front reception desk. The "front reception desk" is not at the front entrance to our campus. It is, however, front and center of our department on an entirely different floor than the main entrance.
The other days someone came up and asked me where the lecture for the blah blah blah archaeology something or another was. I told him honestly that I didn't know and started reaching for the phone. The rest of my sentence, had he not cut me off was going to be "I'll see if I can find out." But before I could say that he was in my face complaining that how could I be an "information desk" if I didn't know anything?!
He made me think for a second and then I realized something--this is the front desk to our department not the whole fricken school, so why are we expected to know what everyone else is doing? And we are treated that way both internally and externally. It is extra unfair because other departments don't tell us what they are doing.
Anyway, I politely told the guy that I was the front desk for student development and if he had a question pertaining to our services I'd be happy to answer them. By the way, I had already set down the phone and had no intentions of calling anyone to find out where his lecture was.

The Fine Print: BTW, I did find out later where that lecture was. It was at an entirely different school than the one I worked at, not even a different campus, but a different school.  Cards 'n parts from Club Scrap. 


Bonnie said...

Ha! I love your story! People can be so rude and obtuse! Pretty cards by the way!

Carol L said...

This story reminds me of a magazine cover I spotted in Costco last week. It read in big bold letters "When did people get so G__ D___ Mean?" Amen! That was rude, plus if he was so smart he'd figure out where to go on his own without anyone's help! LOL Fun cards today!

SARN said...

Very cool card.

You clearly look like the capable sort, that's why everyone expects you to know everything!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Fiki said...

your cards are so very nice!
lov them all!
have a nice day
lots of hugs

Carole said...

People can be so rude and just plain stupid! Your cards are beautiful!

Craftychris said...

Lovely cards! Some people can be so rude and impatient! I wouldn't have helped him either! xxx