Thursday, September 28, 2017

Senior Prom Anyone?

I didn't go to my senior prom. Or my junior prom. Or any prom. 
I don't feel a lesser person because of it.

Did you go to yours?
Was it all stars and romance?
Or just another awkward rite of passage?


Carol L said...

I never went to a prom either, but pfft! It wasn't a big deal for me not to go! Fun card with that elderly couple reliving those good ole days :)

Craftychris said...

Oh this card is such fun, I love it! We didn't have proms over here in the UK in my school days. There were end of year disco's which I hated and when I left I didn't stay long enough to go to the end of school disco - I packed my bags after my last exam and caught the train home! It was boarding school. In case you didn't guess, I hated every minute of it! If there had been proms, I wouldn't have gone and I wouldn't have felt like I had missed out. School rant over! xxx

Greta said...

Such a fun card! No prom for me, but I would have liked to go to one. Wished I lived near my niece when she was in high school so I could have volunteered to be one of the adults. I do love dressing up--or I did. Now my feet won't let me wear the pretty shoes, darn it!

Sandy said...

No prom, no regrets.
This is such a fun card. Love the dimension on the clothes.

butterfly said...

Oh, they are hilarious - brilliant, brilliant images! We don't call it Prom, of course, or at least we didn't in my day... these days the USA has invaded our language so that I think they may call it exactly that. But we did have end of school dances and mine was a rollercoaster... almost a disaster and then rescued into a romantic triumph that can still bring a smile to my face today!
Alison x

cotnob said...

Me neither Judy, we didn't have such things in the UK until just recently!
A fun card, a super image.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Simple Stampin' said...

Oh my gosh… You are too funny! I'm in the same camp with you… I never went to a prom.

I must say I always threaten my children whenever they went to the prom that I was going to go and be a chaperone and dress in the year that I should've gone. That didn't happen either… It still would be fun to do!

Thanks for making me smile. Have a great weekend!

Bonnie said...

I didn't go to any proms either. I'm probably no crazier for it! If I were to go now, this would be a fitting image!

Maxine D said...

They have a School Ball here in our corner of the Antipodes, and I didn't go, and was away both times my offspring went - bad mother!!
Love your card Princess J - waht a wonderful couple :-) Love the way the frock is trying to overcome the effects of gravity on her bustline :-)

Darnell said...

You give whole new meaning to the term "Senior" Prom, PJ!! This is a hoot! I think most of us had a meh time at our high school proms, or didn't go, so why not have a doover in our dotage?! It would be a hoot! Well, until someone falls over and breaks a hip!! Hugs, Darnell

Fiki said...

I didnt go to any prom.
your card is so great!

Barb said...

We didn't have proms in the UK when I was young but I don't feel I missed out. I hate having to dress up. Barbxx

Barb said...

I said at the beginning of my comment. I love your fun card and how coy she looks but it didn't work properly!