Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mailbag Tuesday?!

I tried in vain multiple times yesterday to update my blog and the powers that be conspired against me. I was willing to lay the blame right on Blogger's feet where it so often goes, but in hindsight, I think it was Firefox who steered me wrong.

And here is my September calendar:
And that is about all there is for today because today is Tuesday but since yesterday was a holiday it is really a Monday in disguise. Those are alway so tricky and mean.


Diane said...

Super cute designs and what a fun calendar.

Hugs Diane

Maxine D said...

Although Firefox was being mean to you Princess J it is obvious that the mailman was generous :-) The cards are lovely, and your calendar looks delightfully Autumnal

Fiki said...

Yay for happy mail. We all love happy mail. Enjoy! Hugs❤

Barb said...

Great happy mail and a really cute calendar page Judy. Barbxx