Thursday, September 7, 2017

Apocalypse Preparation

Remember the good old days where if you saved someone's life during a zombie apocalypse (or some other significant disaster) they were all like, "Thank you for saving my life! I appreciate your every little gesture of kindness. I only have this sharpened stick but I will fight loyally by your side!"

Nowadays it is all: What do you mean you don't have gluten free rations?! I only drink water bottled in New Hampshire during the full moon! I follow a strict Paleo diet and sleep on 4000 thread count sheets. None of this will do for me. I cannot believe you have not catered to my every need. I am going to sit here and pout until you fix this gross negligence.

Yep, and that's just one of the many reasons I hate people.
The Fine Print: So true, not all who wander are lost; some of us are just trying to get away from the bullshit.  Mouse by House Mouse, greeting by Stampin' Up, dies by Spellbinders. 


Fiki said...

this is super cute card!
love it!

Bonnie said...

Sometimes I feel like putting on my big shoes and running away too! I know I'd get lost though and that keeps me here! Cute card!

Greta said...

Cute card--love that paper!

Carol L said...

FUn mousie card with those great papers and colors. I'm loving that little medallion too!

SARN said...

Your comments on modern day life are just way tooooo amusing . . . I'd be even more amused if it wasn't for the fact that you're right!

Very cute House Mouse card. Gotta love those little critters.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Barb said...

A super post and what a fun card. Those shoes look nice and comfy! He looks as if he means business. Love it. Barbxx

Craftychris said...

Ha ha! So true a lot of the time! Gorgeous card. xxx

ionabunny said...

Ho ho ho. Wanna cat instead?? There's one up for grabs here and no I am not a spammer. Cute mouse. Hugz

Maxine D said...

Fabulous card Princess J - love that mouse striding out so energetically - sounds as though you have had a difficult week?? or is it just the 'other people'?