Sunday, September 10, 2017

September HBs

I have a bunch of old cards in my photo file that I really should share with you all to start depleting the load. I do like to collect things, but then it is always good to use them too. When it comes to cards, I've started that in real life too--using up these many old cards I have lying around.

Well, now I don't have as many cards as I once did so now I need to make more but that means I'll have more photos to share... and it is a never ending circle.

Seriously though, what's with all these September birthdays?! I mean I know a new year is exciting, but not that exciting. There goes all my birthday cards....

The Fine Print: Old cards from an even older Club Scrap Kit. 


Bonnie said...

Love that red!

Fiki said...

Its wonderful!

Maxine D said...

We have no excuse for the flush of September Birthdays as it is not so cold here 9 months earlier - maybe it is the festive season's effect!! Love your cards Princess J, and I too am having a flush of card making for all the September birthdays on my list.

Craftychris said...

So gorgeous! I have loads of cards to send in September too! xxx