Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Cat in the Hat Shat

My friend, Sam I am, 
I will not eat green eggs and ham.
Old chap, so I've been told
that green eggs mean icky mold.
 I will not eat them in my socks.
I will not eat them in box.
 Sam, you crazy fool,
I will not eat them by the pool.
 I do not like them, Sam I am,
I do not like green eggs and ham.
I will not share them with my cat.
I will not eat them in my hat.
Sam! You crazy dude,
I will not eat them in the nude!

The Fine Print: I made this card in a box. I made this card with a fox. Or more like it was three. We did not make it in a tree.  We made it with some stamps of rubber.  It was not hard; we did not blubber. The stamps by Stampin' Up were made.  This card did not leave us with nerves frayed.


Di said...

Ha, ha! Absolutely brilliant! And I totally love your box card too Judy! :)


Di xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've never dared say this out loud before but I DETEST Dr Seuss books....they are tripe! So your rhyme really hit the mark for me :-)
Love that box card, so funky and floral!!
Hugs, LLJ xx

Patricia said...

Love, love, love it, glad you decided to make one......easy peasy and yours is very, very pretty
Like the rhyme as well, it made me laugh

Patricia xx

fairy thoughts said...

hi PJ not sure whaT is bettr the poem or the box.
thanks for making me smile in the gym.... not an easy thing to do

butterfly said...

Complete opposite of Lunch Lady Jan - I adore Dr Seuss, and yet your rhyme really hit the mark for me too!
The box card is pretty fabulous too!
Alison xx

Carol L said...

LOL, you and Darnell both ca-rack me up with your words every day! This is a fabulous creation, but I have a question. Just exactly what did the fox say???

Susan (rainy) said...

I really really like your box.
I really really think it rocks.

Leslie Hanna said...

Love the box, but I will never make one. Ever. ;/

Lunch Lady Jan: I am shocked - SHOCKED - by your words. This is a classic book! 50 words! *covers ears*

MaryH said...

Ha Ha Ha. Lovely retro visit to Dr. Seuss. You did this poem so brilliantly, even to the fine print. Love this box too. Great 'innards'..fun to see the pretty flowers popping up outta the box. Well done. I think you deserve a prize for the poetry too. Made me smile. Lots. TFS & Hugs

Jules said...

Loving your gorgeous card in a box! I am hoping to make one for my DIL's birthday next month.

I hope you had a good Easter break!

Love Jules xx

Irish Cherokee said...

Dr. Seuss! Eh. No opinion either way. You on the other hand could give him a run for his green eggs. Yuck. Green ham. Double yuck. When does your book come out? I want one.

Irish Cherokee said...

Sorry! Loved your take on DR. Seuss so much forgot to comment. Love your Card. Box cards are an amazement to me. Well done.

Cherie said...

Cute rhymes for a pretty card! I haven't worked up the nerve to make a box card yet, but yours is great.

chrissy xx said...

If you never did you should.
These things are fun.
And fun is good.

stampingbowd said...

Oh wow! This is super duper fun and I LOVE the Seuss quote! I love that book! I also love your FINE PRINT! Too fun! Beautiful box!!! Awesome popped up blooms!!!

Jessi Fogan said...

I want to rhyme my comment, but I lack the ability at the moment (well, close. lol). I laughed SO MUCH reading this - the title rocks. And paired with this gorgeous box? Even funnier :)