Saturday, April 26, 2014

Random Musings

I have a couple of DeNami cards to share with you today but nothing worthwhile to say.  But never fear! That hasn't stopped me before.
Do you ever wonder why doctor's offices have you fill out about 8 pages of questions before you see them?  It is pretty obvious they don't read them because they turn right around and ask you the same questions in person and then promptly prescribe you something from your "allergic to" list.  I used to suspect it was so you wouldn't notice how late they were running but now I'm starting to question competency.  Not exactly something you want to worry about from your doctor.

Then again, maybe your average Joe/Joan doesn't question competency or legitimacy.  After all, my friend in Texas loves to tell the story of a guy who opened an "office" in a storage unit and offered gynecological exams.  Many women took him up on that before he was exposed as a random perve and not a doctor.
I also was noticing how many medications come with the warning not to take with alcohol. I've decided that this is a big medical conspiracy to get people to stop drinking.  It has nothing to do with side effects.  So drink up!  And beware of strange men offering speculums.

The Fine Print: By the way, I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV.  Stamp by DeNami Designs, picot circle die by Spellbinders, washi tape by Cavallini, chocolate dots by A Muse, flowers by Prima, ribbon and papers from my stash.


vic said...

Sweet cards Judy :) oh gosh can't believe someone would open an "office" like that nasty man....

Vic x

Irish Cherokee said...

Got so interested in what you wrote I almost forgot to look at the cards. Like both of the cards Judy. You should be a writer.

Cherie said...

I've always wondered why the nurse takes such detailed notes and the doc doesn't bother to read them. They'd be on time if they didn't ask every patient to repeat everything twice!

I like the delicate look of those DeNami cards. I'm a big fan of DeNami chickies.

Craftychris said...

Love both of your cards, they are so pretty! I will beware of scary men with speculums! Yuk! xx

MaryH said...

Always get my chuckles when I visit here! Wondered the same about all the paperwork - same of which you must fill out same info year to year (we're told it's gov'mt regulations...and with everything being available to everyone these days, why do they keep needing the same info if nothing has changed?!). Good post! Loved the Texas office bit too. Makes you wonder. Loved both these pretty spring looking cards. Very cheery. Loved the posie DP on #2, and great dies too. Used to super effect to make such cute cards. TFS & Hugs

Sue said...

Love reading your blog LOL fab cards too huggles Sue xx

Hettie said...

Lovely pretty cards there Missey. I shall heed your warnings next time I get an offer!
As for not drinking whilst taking medication is because if you are p****d you tend to forget to take them!!

Janeen said...

loving the colors on that second card Judy. I have been digi scrapping non-stop for three days. Got my 2013 book finished.

Jessi Fogan said...

A) very pretty cards! Love the washi patterns, and HEY MORE PASTELS YOU LIAR.
B) since I'm due for a pap I will definitely beware random guys with speculums. lol
C) Those forms...they made me fill one out before I had a pedicure. Really, people?
D) Alcohol & meds - for years my husband & I both abstained, and then realized WHY. So drink up ;) That could possibly explain why I can't remember anything, though.

Leslie Hanna said...

YES! YES! The whole medical profession is a racket. Although, anyone who goes to a storage unit for a GYN exam gets what they deserve. Yeesh.

The last time someone had me fill out 24 pages of questions, then proceeded to ask me the same questions in person, I had the balls to say, um, I already answered all of these questions on that form you have next to you. She wasn't pleased with me, and now I'm THAT patient. I'm so proud.