Monday, February 10, 2014

Hearts & Flowers

Recently, in my blog travels I came across an iris folded card and immediately realized that was what my life was missing.  Strangely enough, before then I didn't even know that something was missing.
Now that I've made this hearts and flowers themed iris folded card, I guess I can say that my life is complete.  Hmmm... somehow I thought feeling complete would have a different feeling than this.  This feels vaguely like allergies. 

And welcome to my new followers who have come out of the woodwork in droves.  That's so cool to see you here in JudyLandia, where things are vaguely odd and oddly vague.

The Fine Print: The card was made from stuff that came from places.  That's about all I can tell you about that except the red flowers are Prima and the XOXO is by DeNami Designs.  Oh, I can also tell you that those are the worst silver brads on the planet.  The two prongs don't come together so they are very hard to thread through a hole and the metal they are made out of is so stiff you can hardly fold them down.  Terrible things.  Don't buy that kind... if I only knew what kind it was.


Krisha said...

Oh I do really like this card, glad it makes you feel
........complete (?) LOL
I do hate brads that will not cooperate, or just designed wrong! Must be men that design them.

SandeeNC said...

I LOVE your sense of humor, the comments you left on my blog had me barking with laughter! AND, we think too much alike because on the Frosted Designs post I wrote "Charge it baby" as my favorite 3 little words!!!( You can see the video I made on painting with a pipette if you are interested, if not, screw it! ) See you are such a bad influence on me!!! I am so glad your life is complete now, lol Love the iris folding, great job! Now get that person out of your basement!! ha!

Carol L said...

Your iris folding card has inspired me to get my scraps out and try making one of these again soon! It's beautiful, and to think this card completes you! Amazing!!!

scrappymo! said...

This is lovely...I have never tried this technique but I remember my MIL used to make the most gorgeous Xmas ornaments using this idea.
Your card looks lovely...sure to be a hit!

Irene said...

Brilliant iris folding and a lovely card.

Bonnie said...

Isn't that always the way, Judy! We don't realize that we're missing anything until we see what somewhat else has done! Love your heart! It's beautifully folded!

jimlynn said...

I guess my life will just never be complete if I have to even attempt the iris fold! In the meantime I'll just drool over your gorgeous card! WOW!!! Stunning!!

stampingbowd said...

Love your heart! What a fun look with the Iris fold! Ha! You make me smile with the way you write up your post. I also giggled at your profile (you sometimes sleep, ME TOO, just now and then!!!)

I have a feeling that you will realize your life is missing something real soon again! Paper crafting is never ending new things! :) Joining your site today!

Janeen said...

have never tried this folding technique. you did a fab job with it. i don't know, i kind of like to get away from folding, it reminds me of laundry, but then this is very pretty laundry.

MaryH said...

Judylandia is such a delightful place and I'm so glad I can visit, see something real pretty and enjoy a chuckle too. I'm glad that you added another piece to complete your life, and yep, once we get that 'very thing' we just hadda have, sometimes it's not quite the rush we thought it would be, before we hit the 'submit order' button. Do it all the time. I love your heart iris fold. You chose some great papers to show off the folding. If this is your 1st try, WOW! I did it in a class, and my 1st (and so far, pretty much only!) time was not nearly so stunning! WELL DONE Princess J. TFS & hugs

Hettie said...

Let me know if you fancy some more patterns for this. I used to do sooo many I had my fill - long before blogging days.
I think you and I have the same brads! I personally like to bask them with my TH hammer. I get a nice bashed effect and feel so much better afterwards!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous card. I have never tried iris folding as I don't think I would have the patience, lol. Lynn x

Joyce said...

So very glad your life is now complete. This is a cool card, and that folding is fantastic.

butterfly said...

Brilliant folding to create a really fabulous card. I can see why you might feel the folding would complete you... but I fear it was false advertising!
Alison x

Dorte said...

Love the iris folding, wonderful card and pretty papers.
hugs Dorte
Your comments at the end of your blog post makes me smile- thanks