Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#245, What's on Your Workdesk this Wednesday

It's the usual tidy desk, with lots of room for me to play.  Once I sit down to play though all that room magically vanishes and becomes piles of stuff.  Swearsy! I didn't join What's on Your Workdesk last week because I forgot it was Wednesday. Instead I wrote a post about remembering stuff, which is kind of ironic...
Currently I have these on my desk to play with.  The Christmas stamp is to make a card for Merry Monday.  The grid stamp is a new purchase that I'd like to do something fabulous with, and the cow stamp--well, what's not to love about that?!
Here's a few cards I've received from friends recently.  The green card I've had for awhile but I love it as it makes me think of spring, which I've heard may actually show up sometime this year. I suppose I should hang it on my bulletin board, which I did actually change out, only you can't see it in my desk photo.
The Fine Print: Your eyes are weary from staring at the monitor. You feel sleepy. Notice how restful it is to watch the cursor blink. Very sleepy. Close your eyes. So relaxing.  Just let your mind drift away.  You find the voice in your head reading this to be so soothing.  Sleepy.  You are now under my control.  At the count of three, you will cluck like a chicken.  One.  Two.  Three!


BJ said...

Love the grid stamp is it stampin'up perchance if so what is it called. Thanks for the visit this week. BJ#58

jimlynn said...

Cluck! Cluck!!! LOL!!!

Your desk is so tidy and neat! I have to tell you......I LOVE that roll top desk! Nice!!!!

Great grid stamp and can't wait to see a card with it now.


Carole said...

All neat and tidy...until we get started. I read some complaints about tidy desks...not much to see I guess. Thanks for the visit. Cute cards your friends sent and is the cow under a toad stool? Curiously fun. Carole #68

Krisha said...

LOVE the cow stamp....LOL
With your fur-friend it is most wise to keep a tidy desk.
The cards you've received are really cue ones.
Happy WOYWW (even if yours is empty (grin))
Krisha #34

Eliza said...

It is 4.30 in the morning and I have not slept yet, trying to get there honest. I have just got home from a long drive and being on set all day and I decided to read the fine print, it didn't work I am still here and awake, but it did make me giggle. Thanks

Hugs Eliza 10

Darnell said...

Delish tidy desk, PJ, and great stamps and cards from friends! Nice showing and telling! Hugs, Darnell (Not WOYWWing today.) Cluck.

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Judy, lovely cards. I think we've all decided we NEED that grid stamp, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz # 43 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Buk buk buk......where's the chicken feed :-)

Love that grid you do some interesting work with that! And the green is gorgeous, fresh and grassy. If only! It's grey and grim today :-/
Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

Laura said...

Cluck cluck!
I rather like that rubber stamp background like grid lines.
Happy Wednesday

Janeen said...

fun play area. i see lots and lots of copics there. can i come and play at your house? I love that grid stamp, will be interesting to see what you created with it. right now i am creating tapioca pudding for my dear husband.

Lea.H said...

pretty cards, love the new stamps, the grid one is fab :) Lx 91

Bonnie said...

Love that pretty pink dress and the beautiful ferns! Spring will come. And I agree, toilet paper and wine should be at the top of the to get list before a storm!

maureenjscott said...

cluck cluck!!! hahaha fabulous! I love your desk, it's awesome! And those stamps are great - I love the grid one! Love your WOYWW post! And wanted to stop by and say thanks for the fab comments on my Anti-Valentine cards! :) thanks! mo xxx

trisha too said...

That cow stamp is TOO funny!

(Okay. I was going to be a smarty pants and spell out chicken noises, but it's just beyond me!)

Thank you for your visit this week--if I find myself clucking later, I'll know who to blame. ;)

#13 this week with
Tiny books and Valentines

fairy thoughts said...

ha ha aha
I always read your fine print but this was priceless I had to explain my clucking to handyman and even he laughed.
love the grid stamp ... where do you get them from am going to have to come back to tuscon to your craft shop
janet #32

Mrs A. said...

I spy two pwetty pink cards. Mwah!
Hugs Mrs A.

Carol L said...

Nope! Not gonna cluck! You can't hypnotize this ole bird! LOL
Great cards, but I have one question for on earth do you keep such a tidy stamping area?!?! One card and my table looks like Mama Cyclone flew right in! LOL

scrappymo! said...

Your roll top desk is fabulous!
Not doing WOYWW yet this year as I have been too busy so far...plan to start back in March!

You received some pretty card!

Sharon Madson said...

Your desk looks wonderful! And your cards are so cute. Cluck, cluck! :)
Sharon #29

Jessi Fogan said...

THAT COW. I want it.
And, the fine print...jeez, you channeled my kid. He keeps trying, but so far no luck ;)

Sue said...

Fab stamps and wow your desk is so tidy lol huggles Sue xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry, I can't be hypnotized. Too stubborn to cluck. So I'll just have to appreciate the beauty of your stamps and received cards.

I've also heard spring will come this year, but it won't be soon enough for this snowbound gal (grin). Thanks for visiting me yesterday. Happy day after WOYWW from #1.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to mention, I also have gas heat, BUT, it has an electric shut off and start button, so when the electricity goes out, the gas won't turn on. Glad that's not the case with yours.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Princess Judy,

Yep, I can see the appeal of the cow stamp! The grid stamps looks interesting.

The cards you received are pretty - like you, I can't wait for spring. But we REALLY need some snow here. Drought and fire season will start here soon.

Kay (86)

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Your lovely desk is just so tidy, and just ready for playing on. I like the small glue runners, but I am finding this big one just too big and awkward to use accurately, so I think I shall find it a new home with someone who appreciates it. I have two new stencils to show later, both won on Barbara Gray's blog, together with a voucher to spend. Hope you are keeping safe and dry. xx Maggie #15

glitterandglue said...

Well, Princess - what a lovely tidy desk!! And as for those stamps - that little Christmas mouse is such fun, and the cow....hilarious
Have a great week.
Margaret #74