Friday, February 21, 2014

Mad for Plaid

My big stamp club has the card exchange theme of "plaid" this month, which brings back traumatic teenaged memories.  Actually, it doesn't because I was too clueless to know how uncool it was to wear hand-me-down red plaid bellbottoms floodwater pants with a white polo shirt to the first day of my new junior high in 1979.  In hindsight, it is no wonder I spent all of 7th grade without friends.
I'm not sure this pattern is really considered plaid, since it doesn't look anything like my bellbottom pants (of which I had two pairs of), but I'm taking an artistic license here.  Hey, I'm allowed to do that because I'm obviously weird. I used snippets 'n bits to make this card so I'm going to link up to Pixie's Playground, just to prove I have real friends now. 

The Fine Print: I'd had a growth spurt before school started and since we just moved we hadn't had time to go back to school shopping so the neighbor lady gave my mom some clothes for me to wear left over from her daughters (and an entirely different era).  I had to clarify that so you don't think my mother did this to me, although she didn't tell me not to.  Stamps by A Muse "Color me Happy," bunny and grass dies also by A Muse Studio, reversed pinking circle and circle dies by Spellbinders, flowers by Prima, ribbon and papers from the snippet stash.


Sue said...

Fab card love the paper its lovely and your blog post was great to read, my mam made me a dress out of this horrid material when I was little so of course I HAD to wear it hahahaha huggles Sue xxx

jimlynn said...

Plaid or not - it's precious! Love the little bunny and the spring flowers! Cute and pretty.
Bellbottoms - Ugh! I wore then in "that era" and always looked like someone stepped on my head and squashed me down! Long time ago!!

Hettie said...

Pretty card there Princess.
If you want a giggle look up "Bay City Rollers" on t'internet. Everything had to have tartan on it and so my Mum thought it great to add in tartan down the sides of my too small jeans and add a 3" hem of tartan, as I too had a growth spurt in the mid 70s. I am only 5' 2" now!! I thought it was cool of my mum to be "hip" but it saved her a fortune then! Haa Haa!

Darnell J Knauss said...

PJ, this is totally plaid and totally awesome and I'm totally in love with it because I love plaid!! I'm sorry you had clothes/friends tissues in 7th grade, but I'll bet everybody did except those two girls. More of us didn't have friends and wore stupid clothes than did, that's for sure. And look at us now! We have blogs and lots of friends and Playgrounds we have KEYS to, so everyone from 7th grade can just ... oh, sorry. Not a sore spot at all.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Darnell

Di said...

Oh PJ - this really is terrific! I did so giggle about the plaid and the growth spurt too.

AND, you do have a lot of friends you possibly don't realise - I was at Julia and Jan's today (along with Janet, Fairythoughts) - all WOYWW girlies - and you, your hilarious fine print, how funny you are plus your fabulous roll top desk cropped up. You had a whole few minutes of lovely fame between us until the yacking jaws moved onto something else. So you're a star of the show today over here :)

Oh, and Julia taught me how to crochet! I was a bit like a cat stirring spaghetti with a poker, with crossed eyes and am sure she was tittering the whole while - but I came home as proud as punch after ALL these years :)

Hugs, Di xx

Di said...

Me again :) I was so excited about today I forgot to say that you only have to make three cards across the TWO weeks to be in for the Mr and Mrs die - so just one next week will still get you into the draw with the same chance as anyone else.

And NO doo doos in the playground please :)

Hugs, Di xx

Angie said...

First, I love this happy spring card! The bunny's middle is tooo cute with the matching plaid center!!!!

2nd, Now I know why I liked you the moment I read your blog for the first time!!! I was 5'8" all legs covered in .....wait for and blue plaid bellbottoms and I thought they were cool!!!!!!!!! Yah, not many friends here either!!! LOL! Little KS country bumpkin transplanted in OIL rich Louisiana, not sure how I survived. Giggle!

Irene said...

A fab card Judy, love the plaid paper and litle bunny.

Becky said...

This is so cute! I love the plaid.

Sandee Setliff said...

Since retro clothes are such a big thing now, you were ahead of the times! We weird people have to stick together! This bunny card is adorable!!!!!

Carol L said...

Trust me, we ALL had an outfit like that at one point in our lives! Styles come and go like the wind! I love your cute plaid card, especially how the bunny's belly matches the background! Super cute card!
BTW, you can consider me among your friends now too :)

butterfly said...

Who needs friends when you've got hand-me-down red plaid bellbottoms floodwater pants (and two pairs of them at that)?! Is it Easter already? Oh alright then... cute!
Alison x

Jessi Fogan said...

I love that sun, and the bunny's plaid belly! And omg, I can just PICTURE that outfit...I feel very lucky that I am exactly the right age to have missed bell bottoms both times :)