Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yippee Skippie

I'm writing this post with my eyes closed today because my eyes itch so bad from allergies.  Okay, you know that isn't true, don't you?  I mean the eyes closed part.  If I were typing with my eyes closed it would look like this:
gekki! U;n wrutubg tgus oist wutg nt etes ckised tidat cecayse nt etes utecg do vae groik sa;;wesiex.
It is starting to rain outside and this probably why my eyes are killing me.  When it first rains it stirs up all the dust and pollen and the desert gets this over-powering creosote smell.  I'm allergic to all that stuff--dirt, pollen, and creosote, and probably even the rain itself.

But I still want to say YIPPEE SKIPPIE over the rain and because that's what this card says:
 I think that is a such a fun greeting stamp!  I made this card in a workshop and it has a fun clear front that the white flourish is stamped onto.  I think it is hard to tell with this photograph, so perhaps a  shot of the card open will help:
Nope, I still don't think you can really tell.  Well, trust me it is cool.  I like this multi-layered card with all its colors and elements.  Our workshop teacher was inspired by a card she saw in one of the overseas craft magazines.  Now go forth and play with some plastic and make a similar card and have a Yippee Skippie day!

The Fine Print: Since it was a Stampin' Up workshop I made this at, you can bet that everything on this card is by Stampin' Up with the possible exception of the clear piece.  The daisies were made with a scallop circle that we then snipped inward to create petals.  The leafy vine is from that bird and branch punch. Sometimes I worry that my real allergy is to cardstock. Wouldn't that just suck?!


Krisha said...

Hey PJ!
Sorry to hear your allergies are kicking up HARD again. With my eyes closed I could read your typing.......LOL
I do like you SU card, and once I took a good look at it I could tell there was a clear layer there on top, the white kind of cast a shadow.
Hope the rain washes your allergic materials out of the air for you.

Julia Dunnit said...

You are a hero to suck it p and keep crafting anyway, and typing with your eyes shut..your skills are boundless. I'd be in bed, weeping and moaning about my bad luck!
Nice card, love the white image, looks very vintage stamped on the acrylic.