Thursday, August 29, 2013

Card Candy

I've decided to fire my wardrobe assistant today.  What kind of drunken moron put this outfit together?
Oh shit.  It was me.  Well, I never did understand fashion anyway.  You know what else I don't really understand?  Card candy!  The UK folks call them "card toppers" which is a much better name.  Anyway, card candy is when you make some kind of topper that you can put on a card at a later date.  Why not just put it on a card now

I didn't put this on a card now because I made this at a workshop and there were no cards to be had.  Then I went home and went to bed.  I'm hoping I won't lose track of this thing before I get around to putting it on a card.  It is kind of neat, but don't expect me to go card candy crazy.  Not happening.

The Fine Print: It's all from Stampin' Up.  The flower is that air dry clay stuff.  Kinda nifty.

1 comment:

Miss Gee said...

Wow...the things you can learn from the internet!
I had no idea something called card candy exists! Thank you :D