Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Over Grown College Students

The problem with working at a college is your coworkers have this weird compulsion to schedule after-hour events at college hang outs.

Stop and think about it from a business perspective--do you really want to hang out with your customers after work?

Maybe you feel that your customer base isn't all that bad, but think about hanging out with college students.  They are immature, self-centered, loud, cheap, and generally uncivilized.  Not my favorite people.  Think about college hang outs.  They are dark, dank, noisy, greasy, and generally uncivilized.  So not my scene.

Plus what do college students like to do?  Get drunk.

On cheap beer.

And try to get into each others pants.  

I didn't do that when I was college aged; I certainly don't want to do it now.  With my coworkers nonetheless!  I'd rather stay home and read a book. Or clean the shower grout with a  toothbrush.  Guess what my house has that most college hangouts don't have?!  PARKING!  Amazing, huh?

Appropriate saying for the beer swilling crowd.
The Fine Print: Yeah, I know this post makes me sound all fuddy-duddy but schedule something not in the middle of the night and not at a college hangout and maybe I'll join in.  Or not.  I'm not really a people person now that I think of it.  I'll just send my regrets now.  Cards from the July 2013 Club Scrap kit "Wisteria."  I know! I know!  What is truly amazing is I used a current kit in a timely manner.

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