Friday, August 23, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

The other day I wrote about how the problem with working at a college is they schedule after hours functions at college kid hangouts and that is why I don't like to go.  That isn't the whole story though.  The rest of the story is that I don't like to go places.  I'm 100% with Dorothy: there's no place like home.

I don't like to go places.  The concept of a vacation away from home sounds like some horrible punishment to me.  One thing about home, it has all the comforts of home there.  Sure going places means I could see new and different things but hell, ain't that what the TV set and internet are for?  There's really nothing I can think of I want to see or experience enough to make me want to leave home.  Most things that might possibly be interesting  for me to visit also seem like they would be teaming with people and not just any people but tourists.  That's almost as bad as college kids.  Nope, I'm happy at home because I don't like to go places.

No, I really don't like to go places.  Stopping at the gas station, grocery store, or a big box store?  Those are all places.  It is a chore and I have to talk myself into going.  Driving across town to have a lunch with a friend?  We might have a lot of fun, but that's going someplace.  I hate going places.  Movies, crops, craft store shopping... they all happen at places so I have to talk myself into going.  As soon as I agree to go to something I immediately start pondering how I can get out of it, because I hate to go places.  I didn't used to be this bad but now I am.  What can I say?  I try to pretend to be a normal person but it is exhausting.
Somehow I've resigned myself that I have to go to that place called work five out of seven days a week, but let's face it.  That place is my second home.  It might not have all the comforts of my first home but it has a good plenty of them.  I'm also okay stopping to and from work to do things.  It is just once I'm home I'd rather just stay there.  Forever.

The Fine Print: I don't how I got to be such a fuddy duddy, but there you go.  Cards from the Club Scrap "Wisteria" kit.  I have another 20 of them or so to show you, so gear up for 'em!  I made them at home during one of my self impose exiles.  It was wonderful. 

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Squirrel x said...

Gorgeous cards sweetie, love the wisteria. Now, freaky stuff - that post about not wanting to go places and being perfectly happy at home - it could be me speaking. And just like you, it has gotten worse over time. Are we related? Happy hugs from my home to yours xx