Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Ice Cream Man!

When I was in junior high school* and high school sometimes the ice cream man would come around when school let out.  He not only sold the usual assortment of ice cream bars, popsicles, and push ups; he also sold cigarettes and marijuana.  My husband confirms that the ice cream men in his schools' vicinity sold likewise.
I like to tell this story to people to see how naive they are.  The more shocked and horror filled they are, the more naive they are.  I mean, seriously, do you think there is any profit in ice cream?!

Anyway, now whenever I see an ice cream man I have this urge to ask him for a nickle bag.  And that statement alone dates me.

The Fine Print: *We called it 'junior high' in my day.  Now I guess it is known as 'middle school,' not to be confused with middle earth.  And seriously, what quality of weed do you suppose the ice cream man sold? I'm betting not primo stuff.  Stamp from Taylored Expressions, punch from Martha, and washi tape (the road) from you know, that company, dude.

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Di said...

Fabby card Judy! Ashamed to admit my eyes popped when I read about the cigs and mariwana (see, I can't even spell it!) - and I thought I'd seen something of life up to now.

Hugs, Di xx