Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Workdesk Wednesday-Halloween Edition

Hewwo.  My name is Poppy and I be your guest columnist today.  Today is Halloweenz and that meanz it is a day to be scairdey cat and have spooky stories. Here is my bery spooky story.  It haz a bad ending, like a CAT-tastophy.  So I axed my mom for a pet zombie cuz I think that would be cool.  Well, so they can be a little mean sometimes but I saw the teebee show and you put chains on them and they are very good.  Well, so I waited and I waited and I waited for my pet zombie to come.

What did my my mommy and papa bring me instead?!!!
Dio and Charles
What do I want wittle brovers for?!  Dey are good for nothingz. They cause troubles and neber stop moving.  They poop in my box and play with my papers and eated my best mouse.  They make me haz stress.  Mommy sez I have to said one good fing about them so that is they get good crunchie food and I'm aloud to haz it and so is my big brover, Jack.  Oh hey, it is his birfday today.  He's 12.
Mommy hazn't done lots on her desk latelies but its got good stuff on it.  She has a card that didn't get mailed (wait, dats not good), new used Tampin' Up set of wild fings, a new new set of cannery stamps and diez, Ha'ween cards, notebooks, punches, and ledders.
Mom did make a free by free card with a wittle envelope.  She needs to make 2 more but she's been doing stuff. Last night she stabbed squashes with a big knife and made faces in them.  My new wittle brover, Dio, he eated the squash guts and got them in his furs.  See, baby brovers are just a pain.
 Happy Ha'weenz!
The Fine Print: Baby brother kitties are rescue kitties, they are neutered, they will not go outside, and they are not declawed and yes I know the other kitty just died. Why are people so judgemental?! (Can you tell what questions I've been fielding lately?) Scarecrow on 3x3 by The Angel Company, French Roast mini pearls by A Muse Studio. Bottom card not by me and is unsigned so I can't give credit to the artist.


butterfly said...

Too cute!! I'd never spend any time at my desk if I had new baby brothers that adorable...
Alison x

Krisha said...

HEy PJ, thanks for stopping by the ole blog and leaving a comment. These cards of yours are just too cute! The quilt is really an easy thing to make it just takes time to crop and print the pictures.
Happy Halloween!
Krisha #56

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Good for you for giving the rescued kits a home - sucks boo to all your questioners, what does it matter to them??

Poppy, my darling, the brothers will be a complete pain in the butt for a while, but you'll soon lick them into shape :)

Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

Squirrel x said...

Awh, hellwo Poppy darlin'! Nice column today hunny, you did really well. Your new little bruvvers are kinda cute, even if they are annoying you. Happy B'day Jack - you are still a very handsome boy. Now you are a four cat household, maybe Mom will have less crafty time but I hope not, because I love seeing her mad stories and it is always wonderful to see you too. Big hugs all round, Squirrel xxx

fairy thoughts said...

Poor poppy, but trust me you will come to love them too. Your mum hasa vewry tidy desk this week, she is obviously too busy with your new family to play on her desk
janet @58

Ali H said...

Great autumn colours on your desk this week ! fancy having your own black cats ready made for Hallowe'en ! Ali #57

House of Bears said...

Hey Poppy, we think your brothers are kind of cute, but we understand a bit of the green eyed monster when new family members come. We're still trying to get used to Cedric living with us!

Love your mum's cards, specially the scarecrow.

Thanks for visiting the bears today.

Spyder said...

Cute cards and you are right about my useful boxes, they are in the way under my shelf...have to go back where they were Your desk looks really organised! Thank you for my snoop, and a great crafty week, HaPpY WoyWw!
((Lyn)) #12

scrappymo! said...

@ lovely halloween that little scarecrow!!!

Angie said...

Hi Poppy ...great post will get used to the new family members might even grow to like them ...they will need you and Jacks to help them cope in the big bad world.I think your mummy is as soft as me ..try to understand that she had to bring them home and she loves you just as much as before. Can you let her know that i love her cards. xx#101

Bernice said...

Awww - what cute kittens! We got a rescue kitten two years ago on Christmas eve after our cat had gone into renal failure and had to be put down. She was very timid to begin with but is as mad as a hatter now! I see your desk is much tidier than its sister this week - I could only show the centre bit - it has a pile of clutter to each side!
Bernice #7

VonnyK said...

Aww poor Poppy, having to share with more pussies. That's no fun. Your mums cards are gorgeous, just be careful when she has that knife in her hand!!!
Have a great week and maybe you will be the zombie next year.
Von #36

Jan Hennings said...

so little black kitty spends time with me in my craft room, too :)

sandee said...

awww, the new kitties are cute, hope everyone gets along without any squabbles! lol Happy Halloween! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Eliza said...

They are beautiful oh I just want to cuddle them and snuggle in, what a wonderful addition to the home. You are one special lady to rescue them, somewhat similar to me in just loving animals outright, they can't look after themselves and need a mummy.

Happy birthday to the big boy and love the Halloween stripes cute.

I think you have to get best blogspot this week.

Eliza 38

Andrea said...

lovely writing poppy LOL,,and soon you will love your brothers give it time! The scarecrow card is the colours. I think your mum is an angel and very special for the love she has to share with you all have a fab week and dont be to much of a scardey cat with the spooky goings on x #77

okienurse said...

Cute post! Love the new baby brothers and they can be a pain. Love the Halloweenie cards! Thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog! Have a great week! Vickie #37

Erika said...

Hi Judy loving your Halloween cards and cute kittens too.
Happy crafting, hugs Erika. 118

Anonymous said...

You have a talented friend there Poppy. Need to get me some more kitties as my 14year old friend, Cassie has just gone to join my Lovely late husband. Will probably wait until after the festive season as I've got a lot on and couldn't give them the attention they deserve at the moment. But I do miss Cassie.
Nice tidy desk.
Tricia 111

Neet said...

Oh dear Poppy, babies can be a pain in the backside but you hang on to your dignity and don't let them spoil things for you. How does big brother find them?
Mommy has made some great cards there - did she make a birthday card for big bro?
Hugs, Neet xx 23

Shazsilverwolf said...

Hello Poppy, I am owned by a cat identical to Jack, he's called Ambrose.You can see his pic on the sidebar of my blog.You Mommy has got some beautiful cards on her desk, you must be very proud to have such a talented human.Have a great week, Shaz #86

MaggieC said...

Good morning, Poppy. My daughter has a beautiful black cat called Willow, who is having to learn to deal with a newcomer to the family called Splodge, who eats her food, chases her tail, and causes mayhem, so I understand how you feel. Never mind, you will soon get them sorted out, I am sure. I am not surprised you Mum's desk is tidy. I bet she has no time to craft with those naughty little kitties around. Can you thank your Mum for her visit and tell her to look after my little RUBs. I am going to hide the new ones I bought to replace them. Have a good week. xx Maggie #42

trisha too said...

Oh good grief, you don't really expect us to look at cards, no matter how cute they are, when there are KITTENS???

Poppy, I hope you are much kinder than our Maggie--she does not like new friends moving into her house. Your Dio looks like my Chester, he was a great kitty. You're very lucky to get new brothers!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Well, you have been busy, PJ, rescuing kittens and trying to transition the older crumpier cats into acceptance mode, and fielding flying questionballs, and asking monumental Dr. Phil O'Sofical questions like why people are so judgmental.

Judgmental people obviously prefer your business to their own and live in underground dwellings w/o glass windows.

You should put that very creative mind to work developing computer code so that when mail/comments arrive, it will already be categorized, thus:

little box: spam
little box: friend
little box: family
little box: feline
little box: asshole

May said...

Hi Poppy... A lot going on in your home lately... two new brothers... I'm sure when Dio & Charles settle in... with you & Jack's help it will be fine.. Happy Birthday Jack you handsome boy!!! don't forget to tell mommy that her cards are Fabulous... Hugs May x x x

Darnell J Knauss said...

P.S. Now that it's printed above, the irony, which I'm sure was not lost on you, will be in seeing who is now judgmental of me because I used a naughty word.

Have a great week! Darnell #63

kay said...

hi judy,thanks for stopping by,well between us we made about 12cards, 3 boxes and one load of but it was a good day.
the new kittens are adorable,x

Amy E said...

Oh Judy (and Poppy) they are ADORABLE!! Congrats on your new babies!!! At least you have two new little brothers that you will learn to love. If you lived over here with us, you would have two crabby sisters that are older than God!! Actually...maybe they are zombies.

Queen Lightwell said...

Well, I guess its a good thing I'm here double-checking, because I thought I left a comment earlier but I guess I didn't...for shame, especially when you have such pretty new kitties to show! And I wanted to tell you they're adorable, I'm sure Poppy will think so too, eventually. :) I'm glad you're getting more use of out of your card blanks now. Doesn't it feel great to use up stuff that was just sitting around? I filled up a whole trashcan last night using up supplies! It was awesome! :) I even skipped studying today so I could spend the whole day playing in my craft cave...yes, it was pure bliss! Except for the teenage boy who kept wanting to be fed. lol And the breaks I had to take to eat, too. Which is what I'm doing right now(so you're whole don't be afraid to reach in and pull out the bits that fall between the bars on the litter scoop reaaaaally grossed me out! You know, on that other post of yours, up there. I didn't comment, yet). Actually, now that I'm all yogurted up I feel like going to bed...this time change, which you don't even have to go through!, is really throwing me for a loop today. Anyways, hope you've enjoyed the WOYWW this last week, its almost time for it again, huh? Also, saw you had to move the wood cabinet...have you made any more progress getting things put back together again? Hope so and hope you had a great weekend, hugs,