Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trio of Birthday Cards

Once upon a time, possibly a long, long time ago, but not in a galaxy far away a non-crafting friend gave me a birthday card making kit.  It had pre-printed card bases, various die cuts, embellishments, ribbon, and instructions for making the 15 or so cards in the kit.
I looked it over and thought it was neat but only ever made one of the cards out of it.  That is because I sort of felt it was cheating to use the card kit to make cards.
I queried people about how they would feel if they got cards from a card kit and it turns out that I was the only one with an issue with it.  I've since gotten over it, as evinced from my frequent use of kits from Club Scrap, Simon Says, and other places.
Those kits just give you stuff to play with and sometimes include a few samples of what you could make.  They aren't as specific as this kit so that is why it has been ignored until now when my mom asked me to make some birthday cards for her to use.  As I started using it I realized that I don't have to follow the directions and make the cards shown exactly as is.  I can change things around, add my own embellishments or even stamp on them.  Sometimes my lightbulb of ideas is slow to turn on, but once it comes on it shines bright!

The Fine Print: Middle card stamp by A Muse Studio, bling by Recollections, sequins (top card) by Hero Arts, fibers (bottom card) from Michael's, card kit by Paper Magic.

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trisha too said...

Well those turned out super cute, Princess!

Missed you today at woyww, and just wanted to say hi! Give Poppy a scratch behind the ears for me.

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