Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workdesk Wednesday 177

What is on my workdesk this Wednesday?  Why, zombies, of course. 
Okay, the real desk looks like this and has a bit of a Halloween theme going on too.  I am good at making the cards but lousy at getting them out in the mail. So I have a stack of them to mail if I can get the get up and go to actually do it.
Here's a card I made last year or even the year before or maybe even the year before that.  It was at a workshop or class.  I found it in my Halloween stash and decided it was time to mail the thing (I said I was lousy at mailing).
Here is something else that is Halloween themed: a black cat.  A spoiled, pampered black cat who was happy that his grandma left an afghan for him to lie on while peering out the window and then pouted when his mom tried to pick it up and put it away.
Poppy cried and was sad to be left out of the photography session but then she had a diva fit and refused to pose.
The Fine Print: No, really, my life is this dull. No clue on the stamps, but if I had to guess I'd say Stampin' Up.


Angelfish said...

Well of course! What else would be on your desk, but zombies?!
Fiona x #152

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Run, run to the hills, the zombies are wait, there's a red-eyed feline coming to our rescue. Ah shoot, he's having a kip instead, sigh. Guess we're gonna have to take them down by ready, Pardner???
LLJ (The Sundance Kid) xx

MaggieC said...

Hallowe'en does not really figure on my radar. It is more about Bonfire Night over here on 5th November (Gunpowder, treason and Plot and all that) Your card is really great, but the star of your post today s one black cat. Beautiful. Thank you for your visit today. The spray glue was fairly well limited to a small area, but quite deep, and took a lot of digging out and spraying with an adhesive remover and scrubbing. Still, it made me move everything on that cupboard and remove the deep layer of dust. Putting my pens close to my desk proved a good move today when I was back and forward for different colours. Have a good week. xx Maggie #33

House of Bears said...

Poppy's pose is hilarious, we love diva creatures! We're okay at mailing things but every so often we make a card that we like too much to give away, which is just silly as they languish in a box instead. Hene starting art journalling, creations that we get to keep!

Thanks for visiting the bears today, Podgy is usually quite good at restraining his black belt manouevres for good, but he does sometimes use them to grapple the rest of us from the desk so he can play!!!

okienurse said...

Looks like you are getting in the fall holiday mood! Lots of fun things sitting out and about! I wonder what the thing is about zombies this year...I am still on vampires from by gone years. Love the kitties! Poor shouldn't ignore her for that black beast! Hope you have a crafty week! Vickie #91

butterfly said...

Love the spider in the hat... and you can't beat a black cat for Halloween!
Alison x

Spyder said...

aw, such a cute little spider with a hat on your card!! Cute cat too! Yes...I've started in the corner of my craft I'm sitting at the computer and the mess is still there!! never mind! Happy WOYWW


sandee said...

I expect no less from you than a fun zombie decoration!! lol And you are such an indian giver, taking away the afghan...ppffttt...I'd pout too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Krisha said...

OH PJ I love your post! I am so very bad about not getting cards in the mail too.
Krisha #40

scrappymo! said...

l find I am so much better about mailing my cards since I started keeping 10 or 20 dollars worth of stamps in my address book and storing that in my scrap room drawer!

Eliza said...

We dont usually do Halloween here in Australia but I am sure it looks like heaps of fun.

Love the cat photos, they are such wonderful creatures, I have 3 cats in the house and one dog and love all of them to bits.

Thanks for sharing and I love the blanky for the black cat.

Eliza 88

Squirrel x said...

It has been confirmed. You are officially crazy. But I still love ya. Hugs Sxx

VonnyK said...

Zombie dolls?? You guys really take this Halloween thing seriously. The very spoilt black cat is so cute and love the diva. Love that 'old' Halloween card.
Have a great week.
Von #45

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Princess Judy,

Love the zombies! Oh, and love the granny square blanket. It does look comfy and no wonder the kitty won't get off it!

I didn't join in this week but I wanted to pop over to see what you've been up to.


fairy thoughts said...

Ha Ha Ha! the though of you making cards and never sending them until years later maybe you should get the cats to post them.
janet #58

Craftychris said...

Loving the spider card, that image is fab! Spiders, Zombies and Black Cats - I would expect no less! xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I think it'll be OK, I reckon that we could overcome the zombies, purely by'll be fine. So did you set this up just for us? I lovei it!! I know just how your diva cat baby feels, I hate the attention going elsewhere.

RosA said...

Eeeek! Scary zombie desk!

I'm also guilty of making cards, piling them up, admiring them, rearranging the pile, putting them somewhere safe and never, ever sending them! Weird, eh?

Angie said...

Had to smile over you not sending cards ...its a family trait here.I always find a bundle that have not been posted ....all written but not stamped ...and then forgotten.Both my son and daughter used to take cards to school and then I'd find them at the bottom of the school bag when getting ready for the new term.xx#79

Queen Lightwell said...

Love the granny square afghan! How hard are those to make, I wonder? I just started crocheting but I would love to make one of those...anyways, hope you get some cards in the mail. It would help your, um, excess paper problem, wouldn't it? lol Your kitties look precious, I'm so sad at times that I am so allergic to kitty litter. I would love to have a big fat black cat or a diva like Poppy! Take care. :)
Deeyll #160

Sandy said...

Love the Halloween card with its dangled spiders. look at all that work you have put into your themed desk. Very cool. Enjoy Halloween. Sandy :)