Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whatever Wednesday

My rule of thumb (and possibly some of the other fingers too) is when you aren't sure what to do with yourself, do what you usually do.  Occasionally the other thumb chimes in and his rule is when you aren't sure what to do with yourself, do nothing, but that option always makes me twitchy.

So, here it is Wednesday, where I usually participate in What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, so that is what I will do.  True confession time, I thought joining WOYWW would keep me motivated to keep my desk tidy and made stuff to show you.  Quit laughing!  The reality, I don't care what my desk looks like or what y'all think and I make stuff because I want to make stuff.
I wouldn't call my desk messy.  There is still room to play and plenty to play with.  I only have one card to share with you because the others came out blurry.  Is it the camera, the operator, or the batteries?  Who can say.
The Fine Print: If you think my thumbs are full of wisdom, wait'll you hear what my big toes have to say!  Card stuff except for polka dot paper by Club Scrap "Memoirs" set (from a zillion years ago, amazing what you find when you poke around the dark dusty corners).


butterfly said...

Couldn't agree more... have come to the conclusion myself that the only reason to make stuff is cos you want to make stuff... that's when it works! Love the card - great sentiment!
Alison x

Anne said...

Agree with you - I do things cos I want to and I can't keep stuff tidy all the time and what does it matter? great card. Anne x #91

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Ha ha! True confessions, I love them. Made the same confession myself a couple of months ago! Maybe years, I dunno! But I never tried to clean up or give a semblance of it before Wednesday morning came around! And now I am so used to showing my messy desk, (except this Wednesday I forgot and was too lazy to fix it!) Patsy from

505whimsygirl said...

hello Princess Judy,

Welcome! I was looking and looking for you but couldn't find you.... until I renewed Julia's page! tee hee

Now, my two big toes just told me to take off my stinkin' sandals! Oh my.

And who cares what others think of your workdesk? There are those of US that have messy and those of THEM that have neat. It's whatever way works best for you.

Love the sentiment on the card!!!

Yeah, no, don't think any cowboys would stand a chance against these wild horses!!!


fairy thoughts said...

Hi Princess
you can't keep a crafter idle for long
we all show our desks 'coz we want to, not 'coz we have to. Who cares what they look like? yours is looking tidier than usual if I may say, but I love the sentiment of the card
janet #49

Lunch Lady Jan said...

We can get oiled together, that's for sure! I may need a little dutch courage because it's quite daunting, the prospect of all these lovely ladies turning up! I hope they enjoy themselves...
The shot of your desk does something really weird..if you stare hard at the stuff in the cubbyhole underneath, it seems to become 3D!! And no, I'm not on anything!!! You look...maybe it's my eyes...
Have fun :)
LLJ #50 xxx

Helen said...

Hi Princess Judy Thanks for popping in to visit me a moment or two ago. Slide cutters or pretty stuff, practical or pretty.....mmmm.....That's why we keep forgetting the cutting blades! In answer to your conundrum - what to do with yourself - definitely don't sit on your thumbs!!! Great post - still smiling. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 54

okienurse said...

Don't know what you would do to 'clean' up your desk. Doesn't look bad enough to do anything to except do more of the same. My camera is on the fritz too like you it is either the operator, camera, or something supernatural! Loved the spider pic but a lot of the WOYWW ladies are freaking on me. Oh well you enjoyed it along with 3-4 others.;-) makes us special huh! Vickie #41

Redanne said...

I always love to visit your desk, and it does not look messy at all, in fact it looks very creative. We should all do things because we want to........great card and love that sentiment. Thanks for popping by! Anne # #57

Di said...

Great card Judy, and the bling on my desk is a mix of pearls and gems - lots in toning colours. I ended up making 12 of those Christmas cards so pretty good value from the packets :) Ha, now I need to save up for the postage :(


May said...

So Agree. we craft cause we want to .. messy desk, clean desk... who cares as long as we enjoy what we do!!! I do love your desk... I love it even more more when I can see wee poppy in the pic!!! has she fallen out with the camara?... I did not have time to link up this week, so busy at work!!! Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

Darnell J Knauss said...

I love your pretty little desk, your pretty little card and your pretty "whatever" personality, PJ! I'd say you use another finger now and then when you feel like, too!

Annie said...

Crafting should be by choice but it is always lovely to share what we make with others. Love the sentiment in that card :-)
A x #68

Neet said...

You are one person I would forgive for not putting a number - I enjoy reading your posts because you are so witty. There is no way I would call your desk untidy, that is tidy in my books. Such a lovely desk too. Now put those fingers and thumbs back in their original places.
Hugs, Neet 29 xx

Erika said...

Aye Judy I'm with you on the tidy desk front....shamed into keeping it tidy....nope, lets just share the mess!
Love the quote on your card, very true.
Hope you had a lovely crafty Wednesday....playing catch up today.
Hugs Erika. 96

Twiglet said...

That is a fab desk to work on - plenty of space - a creative mess! Now my craft room is a different matter - if I don't do something soon I won't be able to open the door! Great card - I love the sentimenttoo. x Jo

Joanne said...

No point doing something you don't want to do that's why we craft 'cos we want to.
Joanne x

MaggieC said...

If you have room to create something, then your desk is not truly messy. Your desk is so beautiful anyway, and must be so inspiring to work at. have a wonderful week. xx Maggie #88

sandra de said...

Gorgeous stuff and a lovely desk ... can't ask for more than that!

Daniella said...

I think your space is lovely! And, it looks clean to me! My desk usually looks like I opened a drawer and dumped it on top of the desk!!
Awesome card too!