Monday, October 8, 2012

Perfect is Boring Anyway

Last Friday night, also known as The Night Before World Card Making Day, I realized that my desk and surrounding area was far too messy to make anything on WCMD.  However, I was sleepy and my back hurt so I didn't wanna pick up.  It was too early to go to bed though so I picked things up with lots of pouting about how I didn't wanna in between.  Then it was all picked up and finally bed time!

Then just to be contrary I woke up feeling good about the stuff I had picked up and wanted to do some more.  So instead of making cards I made order out of my crafting space. One thing I did was break open the September Club Scrap kit, which I hadn't yet done.  I folded all the cards and prepped all the bits for a later date.

If you've been reading my blog you know I've been less than enamored with the Club Scrap kits lately.  My gripe is the dull, dark, dreary colors of the papers they've been using.  Not so with this kit!  I finally did get around to playing with it late in the day on WCMD and have puttered with it since then too.  It will have to take a backseat to Halloween and swap cards, but I'm enjoying the non-dull, non-dark, and non-dreary colors of this kit. Expect to see it sprinkled here and there throughout this month.  Perhaps I shouldn't say that.  Whenever I say "stay tuned for ___" I go off on another tangent and don't get back to whatever it is that I tell you to stick around for. 
This card is a tri-fold card, something Club Scrap loves to throw into their kits. I usually just chop one of the flaps off and add a border or additional cardstock to even out the card base again.  However, this time I went for an actual tri-fold card.  Sorry about that last photo and how bleary it is.  When my camera says "battery low" it does not mean wrap it up soon; it means goodbye, I shan't focus anymore.
The Fine Print: Patterned paper by unknown but possibly Basic Grey, border punch by Martha, everything else Club Scrap "Serenity" kit.

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