Monday, October 15, 2012

Riddle Me This

What is black and white and read all over?

A newspaper!

Bawha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA ha ha HA ha ha ha ha ha HA ha HA ha ha HA HA ha ha hee ho ha ha ha snort ha HA ha ha ha ha ha ha HA ha ha HA ha ha ha ha ha snicker ha ha bawha HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ho Ha ha!

Yeah, I didn't find it funny either.  For one thing newspapers aren't really white and they sure as heck aren't read all over otherwise so many of them wouldn't have folded and made the world declare that print media is dead.

I am not and have not ever been a fan of riddles, but I do enjoy a good challenge and it is time again for another A Muse Studio Challenge.  This one is brought to you by Angie and her challenge is to do black and white with a touch of color. 

Whenever I am giving the option of black and white with a touch of color I just know that the color has to be red, which then makes me think of the riddle about black and white and read all over.  I should mention that Angie threw an added kink into the mix this time.  Your card can only be one layer.  Since I already had made the card to the right I had to weep.  But I persevered and made a new one layer card. I can admire a well made one layer but making them does make me a bit twitchy. Okay, a whole lot twitchy!

Anyway, if you are feeling the vibe, feel free to make a one layer card with black and white and a touch of some other color and join in the challenge today.

The Fine Print: Stamps, papers and illegal use of ribbon by A Muse Studio; "Extraordinary" background and "Ahhhnouncing" set, onyx, cherry, and sugar card stock, onyx stitched ribbon.


RosA said...

Hey, that's really spooky. I used that gag last week! And I never, ever thought it was very funny either! Was also trying (and still am) to make a black and white and red card too!
RosA # 27 (for WOYWW, must be ahead of you, timewise, that is)

Craftychris said...

Love it! the card that is not the joke! xxx

butterfly said...

I get twitchy with one layer too... but I think I like it even better than your first version, so maybe in this case it was worth the trouble! If you don't like riddles, you won't like this one either, which we used to tell as a follow up to the newspaper one when we were kids:
Q. What's black and white, and black and white, and black and white, and black and white, and black and blue?
A. A penguin falling downstairs
Alison x

Janeen said...

Bummer on having a card made and can't use it. Like the design a lot. I have a difficult time using text.