Thursday, September 1, 2016

On Pins and Needles

The other day I was working the reception desk when someone handed in some found property. I called our campus police right away to report it:

Me: I'm calling in some found property. It's an electronic device of some kind...maybe a phone, maybe a music playing thing... (my knowledge of technology shines through right about now).

Officer: Is it a cell phone or an ipad?

Me: (grabbing a coworker) Is this a cell phone?

Coworker: Yes. It's an I-phone.

Me: Yes. It has three bunnies on it.
Coworker: (busts out laughing) Those aren't bunnies....

Me: Oh I know, they are poopie-chews.

Coworker: (laughing too hard to respond)

Officer: We'll be there shortly to pick it up.

Before the officer could respond, the cell phone's owner showed up in a panic wanting to know where lost and found was and if anyone had turned in a cell phone, so I asked her to describe her cell phone.

Her: It's an I-phone 5 and it has three little bunnies on it...

I feel so vindicated!

The Fine Print: Stamp by Stampa Rosa, designer paper by HOTP and stitched Xs by yours truly (showing off my best sewing skill which is only a little better than my ability to distinguish one electronic from another.). And yeah, I suppose it really is pikichew, not poopie-chew...


Krisha said...

Darling those House Mouse stamps.

Irish Cherokee said...

Few are able to be a bright spot in my day every time I visit. You excel. The House Mouse card is a work of art.

I do understand about the electronic thing. It seems the device explosion is staggering. It is near impossible to keep up.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,

Barb said...

I loved your story Judy. I find much of life today quite confusing. I do love your cute card House Mouse card and the x stitches look fun, Barbxx

Janeen said...

tha'ts the best story ever! i would feel smug too! LOL mousie cards are always such fun cards.

Carol L said...

Vindicated and grinning like a Cheshire cat too I'd imagine :) That story is flippin' hilarious!! ROFL!! Thanks for the chuckles and for sharing that fun House Mouse card too! That could be you jumping for joy on that pin cushion after your phone conversation, eh? :)

Greta said...

Oh too funny! I don't know technology either, except my own phone. Such a cute card, Judy!

SARN said...

Hee hee . . . love your tale of part of your work day, talk about being vindicated! Love your sweet jumping for joy house mouse card even more. xxxx

Maxine D said...

Thanks for the giggle Princess J - of course they were bunnies!!
Love your sweet and super cute card - those house mouse stamps are fabulous, and I love how you have coloured and mounted this one.

Janeen said...

you need to enter this into Simon's Monday challenge, all about sewing. good luck

Bad Kitty said...

super sweet card!
Fiki 🐈

Georgiana said...

Super cute image!