Thursday, September 22, 2016

Llama, Llama Ding Dong

Remember how I said I broke myself and lost my ability to craft? That's still happening but I'm trying to power through it. I found some bits and pieces in a box so I thought I'd turn them into a card. I used a card topper for the front and dry embossed the front panels. I thought that was still pretty dull so I added a festive banner.
A card like that requires that you decorate the inside too, so I did. I failed to stamp the vine flourish well, so I covered up my boo boo with a paper flower. It's all good!

The Fine Print: Card base and toppers by Club Scrap, banner die and all stamps by Stampin' Up "Birthday Fiesta."


Bad Kitty said...

this is great card!

Maxine D said...

Love it Princess J - and I think only you could word a heading as you have this one!! :-). Your card is wonderful, and embellishments are the perfect fix for those 'oops' moments!

Irish Cherokee said...

Great card PJ. All I can say is Me too. Never thought it would be this hard to get back on track. You are doing better than me to say the least.

Hugs and Blessings,

LesleyG said...

Certainly do have periods when nothing goes right, but you are doing amazing under the circumstances, and still make us larf! Xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

This made me smile! I love the llama! Such a fun and unexpected surprise! I've had times when I've lost my mojo - I just take a complete break from crafting and then it comes back in abundance! But by the look of this card, you haven't lost your mojo at all!

Greta said...

Fun card & great save with the paper flower!

Bonnie said...

The flower absolutely fits! It was kismet that you had to add it! Love the llama!