Friday, September 23, 2016

Frisky Friday

I've been sitting around debating if today is or is not payday. That's how life gets once you put yourself on a budget--you know longer count the moments until payday as you and your checking account drift into it on fumes.
It also means you don't buy every new crafting product that catches your eye. In fact, you tend to ponder your purchases carefully, making sure you would get lots of mileage out of them and that it's not just a whim that makes you want it.
I'm not perfect; I still pick up a thing or two that in hindsight isn't going to go far with me. However, these two cute animal sets are not like that. They are complete winners. I can see using them for years to come.

The Fine Print: It's true that I was sick of both of them last week, but I got over it. Stamps by Stampin' Up "Bella and Friends" and "Pretty Kitty," card topper and bases by My Mind's Eye. BTW, it is payday. 


Barb said...

I think you chose well with these Judy. They're really cute little animals and I love the sentiment and really pretty paper. Barbxx

Bad Kitty said...

so cute cards!

cotnob said...

Adorable cards Judy, such cute images.

Carol L said...

If these cards have anything to do with it, I'd say it's definitely payday! They're both cute, and I never get tired of seeing those adorable furry pals!

Maxine D said...

Hmmm - budgets - a mixed blessing, but essential to me, or I would be totally broke!! Love your fabulous cards Princess J, and so glad these wee critters will be well used and loved. They found a great home with you

KT Fit Kitty said...

Aawwww, these are soooo cute! I especially love the kitty! I think you definitely made a wise purchase with these cuties!

Greta said...

I understand the budget thing now that I'm all but retired. Hubby asked me how much to put in the checkbook & I had to remind him they require me to work before sending me a paycheck--haha! Did get one this week & it's nice to have a little spending money, but I'm determined not to make spur of the moment purchases which is greatly helped with no local stamp stores now. So glad you didn't put those darling stamps away--they are keepers!

Bonnie said...

They are cute and I look forward to seeing lots of them! I'm still waiting for payday.