Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cats are Jerks

Doesn't this little kitty look as pleased as punch to have received a cupcake with a candle on it for his birthday? That's because cats are jerks and he plans to burn your house down with that open flame. You know, other than that, it's all good.
Here's the little kitty again after he's burned your house down. He still looks pleased as punch, doesn't he?! That's because cats are jerks.
Here's Mister Pryo Kitty's bestest friend. She's telling the butterfly all your worldly secrets.
Here's the butterfly armed with your worldly secrets and a bunch a cat hair. You'll be sitting outside watching the butterflies, thinking you are safe from all evil and harm (ie, cats) and suddenly BOOM! cat hair in your eye. Because, that's how cats are... If they can't do the deed themselves they find someone else to do their dirty work.

The Fine Print:Card bases and toppers by My Mind's Eye (which also has cat hair in it), stamp by Stampin' Up "Pretty Kitty," flower and circle punches also by SU, butterfly punch by Memory Box. paper flowers and cardstock snippets from my stash. I just felt like calling cats jerks today. I have a herd of them so I'm entitled. 

My mom's kinda a bitch.


Bad Kitty said...

your cards are super sweet.
you think that kitty really plans burn house ?
you made me so laugh with this text!
that is one bad kitty that say that mommy is a bitch!
so bad,bad kitty


KT Fit Kitty said...

You are too funny, Judy! Your cards are adorable and you made me laugh! I hate the dreaded cat hair in the eye too! I think your kitty is just having a bad day!

cotnob said...

Pretty card Judy, lovely papers and adorable images.

AJ Bodine said...

That is some seriously sad commentary on this kitty, lol! I no longer have a kitty, (I won't share that story here as it ends badly)..but she was the sweetest baby ever.

I see a cute theme as I scroll're in a critter mood!

Maxine D said...

Thanks for the kitty giggle Princess J - I know they are not jerks!!! Love the cards and the the sentiments are so elegant, never mind that the kitties and butterflies are in cahoots.:-)

SARN said...

Hilarious post and, as you say, you are totally entitled to say what you like about the cats.

Cute cards.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Carol L said...

One (or more) of your kitties must have rubbed you the wrong way today hee hee. Fun cards as always and I'm really liking these cute kitty images and pretty blue colors.

LesleyG said...

did one of your felines upset you?! well, you spoil a lot of them so that does entitle you to say whatever lol xxx

Greta said...

Cute, cute! Ah--you don't mean it--I know you love your brood!