Monday, July 11, 2016

Sending a Smile Your Way

This is a scheduled post because I'm going under the knife today. And by "knife" I mean the drill. I'm finally getting a root canal on my cracked tooth. I've been waiting for my insurance to be reinstated since February. So now it is and there I go.

So while I might be sending a smile your way today, keep in my mind it will be a lopsided mostly numb smile possibly even with some drool. Rest assured I mean well.

The Fine Print: All the everythings by Stampin' Up, "Love and Affection" stamps, "Affectionately Yours" designer paper, and "Floral Affection" embossing folder. Oh, I lied. The glitter glue on the center of the embossed flowers is not SU. It's by some random glitter glue comapany. 


SARN said...

Oh my goodness . . . GOOD LUCK with the root canal filling.

Pretty card.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sandy said...

Really pretty card.
Best of luck with the root canal. I had one several months ago and it really wasn't bad.

Carol L said...

It looks like YOU could use a good smile today! I don't envy you at all having to undergo root canal! Love this pretty card and how beautifully it's framed! Take care, and know I'm sending smiles your way!

Bad Kitty said...

very beautiful card
have a nice card

Janeen said...

Ack that dentist. Hope things go better for you this time around. Love the embossed flowers here.

Maxine D said...

Oh Princess J - I feel your numbness - I know there is no more pain though. Just don't drool on your computer, it may not like it.
Love your card - the grey and dark blue are quite dramatic together

Angie said...

I hope you are feeling better! Yikes and Yuck on the dental work! Love this card in blue and kraft! So pretty with the added embellishment of leaves!

Greta said...

What a pretty card, Judy! Hope by now your mouth is feeling much better!

butterfly said...

Ooh, ow - do hope your mouth is in recovery now, and that the smile is working properly. Love the blue and white china look of the card.
Alison x

Karen D. said...

Good luck with your root canal...I just had one in the Spring this year and last. It wasn't too bad; thank goodness.
Beautiful card. Hope you recover quickly.
sending hugs,

Bonnie said...

What a pretty get well card for yourself! Love the crisp blue and white! I hope that root canal went well and is a distant memory by now.