Tuesday, July 19, 2016


There was a time when my brother was driving those 18-wheeler big ass semi trucks. Because he was a new driver he got all the lousy routes like driving through the snow belt in winter and the tiny two lane windy roads to nowhere (nowhere being a Dollar Store in By Gosh, Iowa).

My mother and father used to be quite addicted the the weather channel and would call both him and I with updates on the weather throughout the US.  We learned to think twice before answering the phone because we weren't sure we had time for a 45-minute dissertation on the weather in Podunk, Alabama.

Because that wasn't dramatic enough, my parents then upped their pointless TV watching to include all sorts of random news channels. Their favorites included any sort of highway disaster. The more vehicles involved the higher their stress level went. They'd call up in a frenzy to ask if I'd heard about the 13-car pileup in Texas and ask in a panic if I knew where in the US my brother was because he wasn't answering his phone (because of the weather updates).

Usually I'd say reassuring things like, "I have no idea where he is," or point out obvious things like if he was in New Hampshire 12 hours ago when they called to warn him of light rain showers he probably wasn't in Texas now.

Eventually my brother, an incredibly social animal, figured out that long haul trucking was better suited for loners and quit. So now I never what the weather is like anywhere in the US including where I am now (because I work in an internal office in a cement box) and I never know how many cars ran into each other in Zippetydodah, Montana.

Oh well.  And that's my pointless blog post for today.
The Fine Print: More stuff from Club Scrap. Alternate title for this blog post: Why My Brother Became a Stay-at-Home Son.


Sandy said...

Yeah, my in-laws used to call all the time and ask if we were alright because they'd seen a report there were storms somewhere in the general vicinity. (The greater Atlanta region is roughly 100 miles long, so any storm was usually way far from us.)

SARN said...

It IS difficult to bring up parents these days!

Thank you for sharing your family life!!!! No wonder you escaped to the Royal Family Princess Judy.

Hugs, Sarn xxxx

Bad Kitty said...

its nice to read this about your family.
thank you for sharing.
your card is great!

Maxine D said...

Oh yes, shades of my DH and the "kids" and their building/home do up projects.... I had to giggle. I am very much a hands off parent now they are adults. My main 'hands on' is cuddling the grandies!!
Love your card Princess J - so classy!!

Janeen said...

What a great post for the laugh I needed. Not he card ain't shabby either!

LesleyG said...

Teehee your parents sound lovely! There's a tv programme here called Pointless, they should watch it! Great cards :) xxx

Carol L said...

I feel you and your brother's pain, and this story would be amusing if it hadn't become a lesson learned about over-parenting. I really like the background papers on the cards you've been making lately and the twine on this one is a nice touch.

Bonnie said...

Love that paper and twine treatment! How's the weather? Had to ask! :>)

Greta said...

What a beautiful, elegant card, Judy! Your post made me giggle--dare I say we watch the Weather Channel?! Guess we're getting old, but it always makes me glad I live here! PS--my brother was a long haul truck driver & basically missed the first year of his youngest son's life! Thank goodness he eventually got a local job so he was home at night.