Sunday, July 24, 2016


Lookie! I made a vintage looking card with an old Stampin' Up stamp set. This is about the only stamp I use from this set. Sometimes I think I need to break out, go crazy, and try the other stamps but once you have this one, why would you need to fuss with the others?

The Fine Print: Well, I already told you the stamps are from Stampin' Up so why are you reading down here? Are you expecting an important announcement? Well, here's one: It's National Tequila Day! Please celebrate accordingly and don't drink and drive, especially on a contraption like this one.


SARN said...

Laughing at the Fine Print!

Yes, this is probably the most useful one in the set, although I suppose you could use the telephone box with a "Call me" sentiment! Just sayin!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Janeen said...

well this is just an awesome card and now you have me curious as to what the other stamps from that set are. i will have to go to SCS and look. you will have to let me know the name of the set.

Bad Kitty said...

great card!

Carol L said...

Well this is fun, although climbing on board that contraption would not be something I could easily handle! I love the text panel - happy wheeling and tequilan :)

Maxine D said...

love the stamp and the card, but riding that bike, Princess J, even without a tequila, would be impossible!!!!

Bonnie said...

Great vintage look! I'd probably fall off even without the tequila!