Friday, July 15, 2016

Love and Infection

There's something inherently wrong with my brain. No matter how hard I try I cannot call this new stamp set by Stampin' Up by its correct name--Love and Affection.
 So love and infection it shall be! And you know those two sometimes do go hand in hand since loved ones have zero qualms about sharing cooties with you.
For the more squeamish and germaphobe among you it's apparent that I have no choice but to buy another new Stampin' Up set so that I can call it by its correct name. I'm doing this for you, people! Such a sacrifice!

The Fine Print: It's all by Stampin' Up, except the ink which is Memento. No germs were shared in the making of this post. 


Carol L said...

PJ, you're too funny! It must be the laughing gas left in your system from that root canal :) This is a great card with a wonderful sentiment, whether it's affection or infection LOL

LesleyG said...

Some fabulous cards you have made with floral affliction, you have infected my inspiration xxx

Maxine D said...

Glad you didn't share germs in making this post - I have enough of my own thanks Princess J :-) Lovely cards, especially the second one.

Bad Kitty said...

very nice cards

Greta said...

You are a kick & your cards are so pretty!

Bonnie said...

Pretty flowers, PJ! I don't have this set so I don't need to worry about the infection. Although the Swirly Scriblets end up Squirrely Swiblets around here.