Thursday, July 21, 2016

Get Well

For all those you feeling poorly out there, I hope you are on the mend soon. I pick up some antibiotics this evening so I'll be on the mend and dancing in the streets in no time. Or maybe even dancing in the sheets. Ooh la la!

The Fine Print: I'm sorry was that too frivolous and inappropriate? Actually, I'm not the least bit sorry. You'll just have to deal. Stuff by Club Scrap except the embossing folder which is SU.


Carol L said...

those little ribbon snippets add such a special look to this great card! I love all the text too - it's almost like texting get well on cardstock instead of the phone! Ok, ignore me - I think the heat's gotten to me :)

Bonnie said...

Hope those antibiotics kick in soon so you can kick up your heels!

Maxine D said...

Great card Princess J - and I hope the meds do their job promptly. Sorry to get you confuddled about the birthday card on my blog...

SARN said...

Fab Get Well card . . . suitable for either sex.

I think it was all the dancing in the sheets talk that made me write the last word in my first sentence above! LOL!

Don't let the insane get you down mate. Sorry to hear you're on antibiotics. Hope YOU feel better soon.

Hugs, Sarn xx

Bad Kitty said...

great card!
have a nice day

Greta said...

Great card that would work for a guy or a girl! Hope you're feeling much better by now!