Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wet Workdesk Wednesday

Hewwo! My name is Dio and my mom axed me to dew this post about Werkdesk Wednesday cuz she's sick. I fink she haz Ebola. But dunt worrie she sawed a dockter and got sum pills so she kin be all betters tomorrow.  Enny way this be a short post becuz I got to get back to my napping. I woz up all nite wif my mom, giving her drinks of water and gibing her nek rubs.

So the desk has had stuff on it for days and days! We dun't git that much around here enny more. Aftur my napping I mite haf to nock sum things off the desk jist cuz I can dew it! My mom werked on sum cards + envelwopes like all in wun! Sumbodie sented her a card like that a long times ago. She used to just trace it and kut it out, but now she figgered it out with the score boards and the envelwope maker. She eben founded a better A2 size wun sense the envelwope maker boards lies about the size.
Here, mom sed we shood share the card + envelwope that started this. It kame from Carli Drake. We dunt no who dat is no moor. Dis woz held shut wif a kitty stikker but my mom cutted it off and savbed it. The inside part is big wik 4 and half by six with a quarter.
Dat's all! We bisit lader. We haf to dew biowologies today to. We listin to dis guy tawk about cells and mitosis and meiosis. It iz in yer bodies.

PeeEss... waters comming from the sky today and it only wik 58 deegrees, we need jackets.

The Fine Print: Mom sez maybe we build a puzzle later to. She dunt feel to gud to play with paper, scissers, and glew today. She haznt builded a puzzle in 3 years becuz she finks my brovver wood eat the pieces. He still neber growed up so I dunno. By da way, them cats are old stamps by Tampin' Up. My mom haz em to.


Bad Kitty said...

cute cat!
hope you will be better soon!
You should see my desk! actually you can't because I have all sorts of thing on my desk
very nice envelope
like this kitties

trisha too said...

Oh dear, get well soon--you take good care of mom, Dio!

(Surprise! I'm still alive!)
Happy woyww!
:)trisha, #52
with a diy desk redo,
but not the workdesk!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Judy, sorry to hear you're not feeling so good and hope you are feeling better soon, Angela x 19

StampinCarol said...

Dio is very talented! Glad he's taking care of you so well. Hope you get to feeling better quickly! And give Dio a hug for filling in for you today!
Carol N #40

KT Fit Kitty said...

So cute! That's happy mail! Hope you feel better soon!

Sharon Madson said...

So adorable! A great post. Hopping you get better quickly! Thanks for your earlier visit, too.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol! Love the first photo...ain't nothing can relax quite like a cat :-). Sorry you've been feeling rough again PJ, let's hope the meds kick in and get you back to your crafting peak once more!!! The envelope/card mutant thing is quite fun, well done for working it brain would have exploded long before :-)
Hugs, LLJ 10 xxxx

Shoshi said...

Dio, you are the most beautiful kitty! I could just fly over and stroke your beautiful tummy and give you lots and lots of ear rubs. I am so sorry to hear your Mum has ebola (glad it's not bubonic plague). She told me it was a UTI but I expect she was playing it down, but I had a UTI once and it was really horrible so please pass on my sympathy and tell her I commiserate with her and hope she is all better soon! You are also very clever, standing in for her and doing this post for her while she is poorly. Our kitties never do anything like that for us. They are too lazy.

Nice to see she has been making kitty cards. You kitties keep us on our toes, and you know what the most important things in life are (kitties, of course)!

Please thank your Mum for her lovely comment, and tell her I am doing fine, my energy will return once I get through the last of the chemo (not long to go now) and in the meantime I just have to rest. (Kitties like it when people rest because they have somewhere nice and warm to sit.)

Happy WOYWW to your Mum and to you and all the kitties in your house.
Shoshi #44

Leslie Hanna said...

Dio - please tell your mom she's not allowed to be sick!

RosA said...

I do hope that Dio was exaggerating and you don't really have ebola!!
Get better soon, and maybe those kitties can pitch in and do their share while you are feeling poorly.
RosA # 32

LesleyG said...

Thank goodness Dio is looking after you ;) hope you feel better xxx

Bonnie said...

Sweet card and a fantastic idea! Hope you feel better! You sure have a smart kitty!

Stacy Sheldon said...

well, that is very helpful to have such a good kitty in the mix, back rubs, blog posts :) ( Hope you are feline like your self again)

Greta said...

Hope you're feeling much better by now! I love the picture of your kitty cat in the chair!

Kelly said...

Absolutely adorable post! I hope you 'mom' feels better soon. You did an excellent job checking in with us for her. Enjoy your naps! Kelly #42