Friday, October 2, 2015

Out to Lunch

The other day my Nephew and his Friend stopped by for lunch.  Nephew had been making noises about "taking me to lunch" for a couple of weeks now so it wasn't that big of a surprise. In case you don't know his idea of "taking me to lunch" involves me driving and paying for it and listening to his plea for money.  I've been putting him off because I find his company and predictably tedious. However, this lunch was rather eye-opening for me.
Both kids are tickling 30 now and have been buddies on and off since grade school. I totally enjoyed the Friend's company. It was good talking to him. He talked of getting a better job and getting his life on track. We related various stories of car repairs and making decisions like buy groceries or fix the car. We had a long conversation about how many hours one had to work to be able to buy an $800 cell phone and all the other, better things $800 could buy. Friend and I discussed the value of getting a college education and how he could get back into the school I work at. We talked about friends who passed away.  You know, we discussed life.

Meanwhile Nephew sat off to the side making random movie quotes, commenting about the life of a Jedi, and talking about the upcoming Star Wars movie. Nephew asked me multiple times for money to buy a Jedi robe from a Halloween store. Basically he was the like annoying little kid trying to get attention from the grown-ups.  He was so out of touch and didn't even try to fit in.

Of course, Nephew has no practical experience on what we discussed. He has never held a job, never paid bills, never had to be accountable for his actions, and wouldn't know a responsibility if it bit him in the arse. However, he tried a stint in college and has had friends and family member pass away but yet he couldn't get his mind off the fantasyland of movies and Jedis and hitting me up for money long enough to join in our conversation.
As I said, it was eye-opening for me. I've known the kid was out of touch with the real world for quite some time but I had no idea how far out there he was. Nephew can no longer even relate to his own friend anymore. He's truly out to lunch.

The Fine Print: Stamps by Tim Holtz, school themed papers by the Paper Cut, apple punch by Martha, and apple brad from my stash. That cut is called a tri-shutter! Yes, I had help remembering that name.


Bad Kitty said...

great card

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about Nephew. Surprised Friend still hangs with him.
Love the card. Awesome amount of work, and great decisions in how to decorate it.

Stacy Sheldon said...

(( Hugs )) I think we all have family we would rather avoid, but that is surprising at his age. sigh. my sister is in her 40's and about that bad... ( well she has had jobs but, I get what you are saying.

Love how this card flows. :)

butterfly said...

Oh dear, poor chap. At some point life is going to bite and he's going to get a big surprise. Til then, I say let the friend take you out to lunch!!

Fabulous tri-shutter (oooh!) - love your colouring of the TH stamps.
Alison xx

Carol L said...

That's a fantastic card with all of those school-related images and papers! Great job making it too! 2bad4URnephew..........I hope you rejected his pleas for $$$!! He needs to grow up and get real!!!

LesleyG said...

Fab tri shutter card, and good job his pal was there to talk to! They do say you can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends ! Xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

Love your card! I haven't tried this style yet - it really makes a showpiece! It was fun reading about your lunch - yeah, relatives can be a real pain!

Bonnie said...

An amazing card! I'm not good at all at these fancy folds. I'm always off at the last one. I'm glad half of your lunch date was good company! Hope lunch was good too.