Monday, October 26, 2015

I has the dumb

This meme says it all:
Earlier today I was trying to talk to someone about PTK--which is an honor student society and something I was a member of back in the 80's.  I keep getting invited to join but I thought membership was lifetime.  Anyway, I was told I could log onto my account and use the prompts to be reminded my username and password and make sure they had me marked as active.  I had to explain to the poor girl that I was a member before people had personal computers in their homes and the internet was just a baby (or was it just still a sperm and an egg?).  Anyway, I'm getting a referral to the chapter president. I'm sure they are now talking about that dinosaur who wants to rejoin PTK.

The Fine Print: Meme shamelessly stolen from someplace on the internet. You never know, maybe PTK has special scholarships for dinosaurs.  That university stuff ain't cheap.


Carol L said...

That picture is hilarious! Love the paw on the head! LOL

Leslie Hanna said...

HA! Great photo. And yeah, I wonder if the young lady you spoke with was even BORN in 1980.

Bonnie said...

If all the computers in the world go down, these youngsters won't have a prayer!

Greta said...

Oh you made me laugh, Judy! I'm with you, but older yet!

chrissy xx said...

My BIL couldn't get a loan in the early 70's for a Computer! The Bank Manager said they would never take off! So he went over the road and asked for a loan for a car! Needles to say a large Computer was purchased.